Flying out the Belfast curry…

This story just speaks for itself… Thanks to Peter for the heads up!

  • joeCanuck

    i normally refrain from critizing individuals or wishing ill on people, but I hope the people who eat this meal get “delhi belly”.

  • Little Eva

    I appreciate all the reasons for joe’s disgust and if it was anywhere else but Belfast I’d agree wholeheartedly with him.
    But as it isn’t, I must say I’m delighted for the restaurant and its owners.

  • Hurler on the Ditch

    Anyone been there? How good can a curry be?

  • Little Eva

    I don’t know, but intend finding out pretty soon.

  • Rory

    What no Bombay Aloo? Do the effects of the famine yet linger?

  • nmc

    I used to live next door, and ate there regularly. It’s pretty good. Not that good obviously.

  • Peter

    I regularly, too regularly, order from the Indie. It’s very good.

  • Yer Woman

    The quailty of the eateries on the Stranmillis Road leave a lot to be desired, so I can’t imagine what the food must taste like in New York if he’d rather fly a take-out from there.

  • Donnie

    Publicity stunt alright. £2500 is probably a small price to pay for the business this should drum up. They obviously believe there are enough suckers out there!

  • joeCanuck

    Indian eateries in NY are fairly good. but don’t eat at the one overlooking Central park South. Great view but the meal doesn’t include a simple bowl of rice. If you want plain rice, it’s an extra at a cost of $10 US. (Oct 2001 price).

  • Alan

    The food is good when you eat in and, curiously, seems to deteriorate in the 5 minutes it take to get home. How long would NY take?

    Then again, I only ever eat there with a very special person, so the spice is always piquante.

    You do get a free bottle of wine when you spend over a certain amount – awful stuff – Malumbo !

  • It looks like Indie is flying high! I’ll get my coat…

  • Alan

    Here’s hoping Derry curry Paris tonight!

  • she-ra

    My goodness!! Highly amusing story, fair play tho, must be doin sumthin rite!

  • lilyp

    I bet it’s not a patch on the Bengal on the Ormeau road

  • Bemu sed

    Indie Spice serves very average food.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’ve been to Indie Spice a few times and thought it was pretty good each time – no complaints, for sure. That said I’d be surprised if it was worth the price this guy paid. As another poster said, I think this was a publicity stunt.

  • Rory

    This has started something alright. Not wanting to be upstaged, Herself now demands that I order bacon and cabbage to be specially flown in from Mumbai.

    Which prompts me to ask “What do they call Bombay Duck nowadays?”

  • Dualta

    He flies food from Belfast to New York and it is a pasty bap? Bloody nutter..

  • páid

    19 comments and not a sniff of an angle.


    A few pointers….

    1.Notice how The Times just HAD to refer to the “Irish Republic” but never the “French Republic” Oh No.

    2.”Flying back to Ireland the next day” In case The Times hadn’t noticed, if he goes London-Belfast this will be a purely internal UK move, why drag the name of a foreign state into it?”

    3. He had to go to Dublin for the big fish. Well. let me tell you there are plenty of big fish……..

  • Crataegus

    There are plenty of places to eat in New York this has to be a publicity stunt or some sad and lonely person flaunting their surplus income.

    I get a guild complex about the number of air miles I do but this is utter decadence.

  • rapunsel


    I’m with you — not unusually. Quite pathetic really the waste of money and resources for this — a disgusting display of decadence on behalf of Mr Francis. Pathetic too from my 1 experience of the Indie Spice cafe , Mr Francis hasn’t had too many good indian meals. Below average would be my view. We went one night and the food was barely edible — undercooked prawns served with a bowl of mayonnaise with a yellow crust forming on the top. It’s been there quite a while now but it’s got a lot of gullible and transient customers– i’d bet there are not too many regulars at Indie Spice

  • Animus

    I’ve eaten there a couple of times and found it distinctly average. I would have to agree that it doesn’t have a patch on the Bengal Brasserie, although I don’t think even their food is worth the wait of a transatlantic flight.

  • Dr Strangelove

    I seem to remember a similar story a few years ago when a ruby murray takeaway was flown from Belfast to Plymouth or Portsmouth.

    I have not eaten there.. I have only had one Indian meal in Belfast and that was a few years ago in the Jarna, at the bottom of the Lisburn road. I have to say it was truely appalling food and ridiculously expensive. That, coupled with an extremly obnoxious punter in a nearby table made the night one to forget.

  • Bog warrior

    Ate there once about five or six years ago and thought the food was very average. Couldn’t believe this story when i read it (in the Irish News on Tuesday). Definitely thought it was a wind up.
    Bengal brasserie is a lot better.