No Irish Need Apply!

That’s the neat sound bite sown into Julian Robertson’s statement on the British Labour Party’s ban on members from Northern Ireland.


  • dub


    Glad we’re on common ground now…

    Only point of disagreement is which national politics… whilst I am a nationalist I am honest enough to admit that a fully integrated ni from 1921 onwards with normal british political parties operating would almost certainly have transformed ni and got rid of religious antagonisms in politics (look at liverpool and glasgow… and look at original demands of civil rights movement..”british rights for british citizens”…

    my point is this historical opportunity is gone.. and power in north is now being wielded by 2 colonial overlords (london and dublin) with significant canton based executive power about to be devolved locally (7 super councils)…and whole drift of both govt’s policies is to bring about as a matter of fact an ireland economy (no consent is being looked for for this and in truth most people probably agree with it)… in THIS context it seems clear to me that road to westminster is forever blocked off whilst road to dail eireann is gradually being opened.. if you want to have true ideological politics suited for modern globalised age (which i salute you for doing) I would only suggest that you might be better off standing for PD’s or Fine Gael… then in future cross border councils of ministers we can have politicians from the same party apart from just sinn fein (they already have a huge advantage here)…

    good luck anyway with your endeavours..



  • Andy Mcgivern

    Sorry for my typo on my earlier post (19) should read NOT to distant future

  • slug

    Thanks Andy for keeping us posted.