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Nice piece in Silicon Republic on the Irish Blogger Conference, 7th October in Central Dublin. Looks like we’re going for the Digital Hub, a suberb informal venue. The word is gradually starting to spread, with posts from TCAL, Richard, a disgruntled CyberScribe, Eric Byrne, Fiona, Voice of the Nation, Larkin, Adam, Colm, Holy Shmoly, Ask Direct and lastly, but by no means least, a great blogsplash from Davy Sims!! Check out Cian, Suzy or Damien for updates.

  • Pete Baker


    In re: the Silicon Republic piece

    “Unlike traditional journalism, blogs usually consist of the author’s personal views as opposed to reportage and investigation.”


  • Hello again Pete. Traditional journalism consists not only with blogger’s with personal views – but political activist’s seeking truth/answers, clarity and vision. A few of our new political champions are just old sheep in new wool. However some bloggers dance when the paying piper pays?

  • Mick Fealty

    Intriguing Parnell. Can you explain further in a generally, non libellous way?

  • Of course Mick. Libellous or insulting was not the intention, sorry if the argument was interpreted differently, nor is personalisling the comment the intention. Rather the informed opinion of the general concencious of what, the dogs in the street already, know is the acknowledged activities of some – if not all Northern Political parties practice.

  • …more like a “a disgruntled Mick” 🙂

    Mick you’ve linked to a post that isn’t about “The Irish conference on blogging and politics” It’s a poll to find out who out of “the growing team of bloggers @ Slugger” is your favourite.These include…

    Mick Fealty
    Pete Baker
    Belfast Gonzo
    Fair Deal
    Chris Donnelly
    Miss Fitz
    Michael Shilliday

    The post reads…

    Ocasionally I call @ Slugger O’Toole which claims to be…

    a news and research portal, looking at various strands of political aspects of life in Northern Ireland.

    and is edited and written by researcher and political analyst Mick Fealty, with a growing team of bloggers from across the political spectrum.

    As far as I see it isn’t what it says on the tin “Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture” for some reason they stray away from this quite a lot and cover stories that have already been covered elswhere on the net.
    I’m fascinated by the “growing team of bloggers” ( if they can be called bloggers) and why they post on a site that is mainly associated only with Northern Irelands favourite ex-pat Mick Fealty. Why do they not just create their own blogs and interact etc with whoever visits them.

    Vote, if you really want to

  • Parnell : Ravver the informed opinion of the general concencious of wot, the bleedin’ dogs in the chuffin’ street already, know is the chuffin’ acknowledged activities of some – if not all Norffern Political Parties practice.

    Are you saying something about whether journalists or bloggers are somehow pushing a political agenda? I ran it through a few translators, and still wasn’t sure 😉

  • Paul: Exactly, very few of us understand the practicle enormities of the underlying problem. 😉