What will you miss about the TUC?

Quote of the day/week returns with this gem from Tony Blair at the TUC conference where he’s currently taking part in a Q&A session after his last ever speech to conference. Following a lengthy answer, which was greeted by complete silence, Blair said to Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary, “I’m waiting for the thunderous applause”. Barber, “It’ll come”. Blair, “Some time next year.” (I think I’ve attributed the quotes correctly) Added Link to speech.. and the Guardian’s Simon Hoggart was there[mp3 file], and was less impressed by the protests than other reporters appear to have been.

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  • Next year will be Blair’s largest standing ovation yet. I hope…

  • overhere

    I see Crowe and his Muppets walked out. If you lived in London you would know that Crowe is a more hated figure than Blair will ever be. when ever there is any strike over here you can be sure Crowe is in there somewhere.

    Even though it chokes me to say it, it would almost be worth seeing the tories get in next time just to see them take on Crowe.

  • mickhall


    You must mix in a very narrow circle if you feel Crowe is hated, he has been at the forefront of putting safety on the railways/tube back onto the public agenda. He has also managed to use the privatization of Britain’s railways into a myriad of companies to his members advantage by playing one company off against another.

    I noticed during the last tube strike when the local London TV news did a vox pop interview with commuters, not one of them blamed the Union, which is a reversal of the past.

    In any case Crowe’s Union is no longer affiliated to the LP, if you want the tories in say so. Blair wanted business unions and despite the man’s politics that is what Crowe has built. For him his members come first and they at least love him for it and understandably so.

  • Lovely Leitrim

    On hearing of Blair’s decision to stand down in May, American Comedian, Jay Leno, quipped, “looks like President Bush has toppled another foreign government”.

  • Crataegus


    Next year will be Blair’s largest standing ovation yet. I hope…

    Perhaps not largest but longest, personally I hope it’s short. I year to bask in the light emanating from his ego, praise the Lord and offer up thanks.

  • The Devil




  • Patrique

    In ten years he has not even attempted to repeal a single anti-union law, maybe by choice or maybe because our masters on the mainland(USA) do not allow him. Hopefully he will be gone before he gets any more workers killed by alleged terrorists reacting to the Bush?Blair reign of terror.

  • Reader

    Patrique: In ten years he has not even attempted to repeal a single anti-union law,
    What do you miss: Secondary Pickets? Mass Pickets? Closed shops? Demarcation disputes? Unballoted strikes? Political strikes?

  • The Islamic Republic News Agency are reporting…
    “Blair blamed for ‘squandering’ Northern Ireland peace deal…”

    The IRNA, I’d have thought was something to do with the Provies.How times change.