Letter from Lawrie?

The OWC website posted an e-mail this morning purportedly from Lawrie Sanchez. Radio Ulster picked up on it and are reporting that efforts are being made to authenticate the e-mail. Interesting.

  • Ziznivy

    A storm in a teacup undoubtedly. It has made several papers as well. An agenda is certainly emerging from sections of the press. Of course they may be hyper-sensitive and deeply hurt by Lawrie’s comments a-hem!

  • gooner

    Sanchez has made no secret of the fact that he wants to manage in England, preferably in the Premiership, or the Coca Cola Championship.

    If he can’t deal with the dead sheep savaging from the local press, how on earth is he going to cope with the forensic, unrelenting and hysterical British tabloids who will seize on every slip-up over a long, hard season.

    Methinks he is angling for an excuse to leave his post – not that it matters to me, I WILL NOT support either Norn Iron or the the Rip Off Republic until there is an All Ireland team.

  • fair_deal

    Personally think the Stephen Beacom thread is a bit more ‘fun’ with demands of boycott the telegraph – now that would be interesting.

  • gooner

    Fair Deal,

    where is the Beacom thread? I can’t stand that jumped up. little Alan Green wannabe!

  • JR

    It’s not genuine – anyone who believes this is living in cuckoo land. He’ll be gone before the end of the year.

  • Pedant

    Just for accuracy – the email was posted on the OWC site on Sunday, not today.

  • fair_deal
  • gooner

    “I WILL NOT support either Norn Iron or the the Rip Off Republic until there is an All Ireland team”

    but if that happened you wouldn’t be able to support NI or the Republic at all.

  • gooner

    Pakman, you know what I mean. I mean I WILL ONLY support an All Ireland team. And before the nationalist and unionist Taliban on these boards come riding over the hill – I couldn’t care less about an All Ireland state, just want an all Ireland team.

  • iluvni

    like anyone cares, gooner!

  • stan

    Not another thread on this poorly supported team.

    I see the Giants won at the weekend !!

  • DN

    The press seem to be taking their bat and ball home because a football manager is communicating directly with the fan base via the internet and cutting them out of the loop (assuming the email is genuine).

    Haven’t seen any of them myself but apparently the email ‘story’ is reported in The Mirror, The Sun, Radio Ulster, and the Belfast Telegraph.

  • IJP


    And lost the next evening…

    Ulster had a good away win, mind…

  • Penelope

    What’s up w/ the o/l Telegraph page? It’s Tuesday afternoon here Pacific time, close to 10pm Ulster time yet the headline & lead photo are the same as from Friday… Lawrie w/ his hands up in the air in what could be perceived as an *I quit* gesture with the headline “It’s All Over: Sanchez Looks to Quit”


    We’ve known otherwise since the weekend…why has it not been changed? Surely they are professional journalists… er… then again… 😉

    Good on you Sanchez for bypassing the biased press to speak directly to the fans 🙂

  • Penelope

    came home tonight after work and FINALLY the Telegraph webpage has been updated!!!

  • smcgiff

    ‘Northern Ireland leap 14 places to 58th after their famous win over Spain.

    The heroics of Lawrie Sanchez’s men mean they overtake Wales, who slip six places to 62nd.

    The Republic of Ireland are down five places to 43rd place in the latest FIFA world rankings.’


    That’s some change in a year. A current rank of only 15 below the ROI from nearly a hundred this time last year.

  • Samwise

    And again the Telegraph website is proclaiming Lawrie is about to fall on his sword, pathetic really.