What some did this week-end.

Racist intimidation in Armagh. An arson attack in North Belfast. Interface violence in East Belfast. Update Homes attacked in Ballymena.

  • Yeah, the Beeb are great at reporting.Are you getting paid to advertise for them on here? 😉

  • Well, I had a lovely weekend. Weather was good and the Environment & Heritage Service open days were excellent.

    Damned shame about those rednecks though.

  • Donnie

    Not exactly different from most weekends here! Hardly news/blogworthy!

  • moochin photoman
  • pith


    “Hardly news/blogworthy!”

    It might be depressingly routine but it might be even more depressing when the BBC doesn’t report incidents of racist intimidation anymore.

  • Racist attitudes are fueled again today.

    Man remanded over murder in city
    A 22-year-old man has appeared in court in Belfast charged with the murder of a Scottish man found dead in the south of the city.
    Kaspars Valters, of no fixed abode, was remanded in custody until next month. He is believed to originally be from Latvia

    Man seriously ill after assault
    A man is seriously ill in hospital after being assaulted in County Down.
    He was found with face and chest injuries at the entrance to Kilbroney Forest Park in Rostrevor on Sunday at about 1830 BST.
    Police believe the assault may have taken place elsewhere. The man is in his mid-30s and is understood to be from Eastern Europe.

    Or is it just me? Am I reading too much into reports like these? The Man seriously ill after assault could that be another case of infighting among the Eastern Europeans? If it is, isn’t there and hasn’t there been enough fighting here we don’t need more bullys let loose in the playground.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Thanks FD, yet another weekend where I’m glad I left by the sound of it.

  • fair_deal


    1. My apologies I was not intending to depress or hoping for a sponsorship deal for the thread from Stena. It is easy for low-level stuff to slip through the cracks but it does play a key role in undermining relations at local levels.
    2. Just remember the other approximate 1,699,900 who had a fine week-end.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Apology neither sought nor required FD 😉

    Shortly before I made the leap, I was asked by a friend to contribute to a vox-pop thingy on racism in NI (I think it was for Radio 1). I observed that since rabid sectarianism was no longer “cool” since the start of the peace process, the deeply intolerant people of this province would have to find some other group to get their teeth into. I guess it’s easier for folk now as the targets have different coloured skin or don’t speak the lingo too well as opposed to haveing to ask about names, schooling or “H or h”.

    As for the interface stuff, it’s a sort of “same time next week, lads” isn’t it?

    Hope you had a good weekend, the weather was cracking here.

  • Miss Fitz

    The Memorial Garden at Pitt Park was also vandalised last night. I went and tokk some photos this evening, but the damage appears slight. It looks like the plants were overturned and smashed, but there may have been some marking done on the granite memorial.

  • Miss Fitz

    One other thing, I think this is eminently newsworthy and blogworthy.

    I was just thinking this yesterday driving into Rostrevor. Someone has vandalised the new sign coming into the town.

    When you live in a street, and someone breaks a window, it causes a bit of a stir. But if no one reacts, and more and more windows are broken it becomes acceptable and eventually no one will live there.

    We must recognise these unacceptable random acts of violence and denounce them one and all

  • fair_deal


    I know, that detail was included in the link about east belfast and Peter robinson has issued a statement about it.

  • Miss Fitz

    Sorry, didnt read down after I saw the bit on Rostrevor! D’oh.

  • Donnacha

    “Man injured in knife attack

    Five people have been injured in a car crash on the Falls Road in west Belfast, near the Royal Victoria Hospital.

    It happened close to the junction of the Springfield Road at about 0100 BST on Friday.

    The three men and two women injured in the accident are aged from their early 20s to their late 40s.

    They were all taken to hospital, where their conditions are not thought to be life-threatening. ”

    Must have been a helluva big knife to ccause a car to lose control…

  • spice girl

    fair deal, you forget it’s only ‘newsworthy’ if it’s nationalist areas under attack, these incidents are clearly insignificient…

  • Whilst I sympathise with the victims of racist yobs, the question I’d like to ask the government is why they are letting the failed project of ‘multiculturalism’ on mainland Britain also afflict Ulster???
    Does the British government not have a duty to protect its borders?