You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is..

Yesterday’s attempt was scrubbed with an hour to go, but NASA will try to launch Shuttle Mission STS 115:Atlantis again today at 11:14:55 a.m. EDT (16:14:55 pm BST)- Launch blog.. NASA TV. [pesky sensors permitting – Ed] While waiting, just time to catch up on other space-related news [*ahem* – Ed] NASA has awarded the contract to develop the replacement for the space shuttle, Orion, in a surprise to some, to Lockheed Martin Corporation. It will use solid rocket boosters, Ares, and is expected to form the basis of manned missions to the Moon, a stepping stone towards further missions to Mars. Meanwhile the European Space Agency’s first lunar mission, SMART-1, successfully crashed into the Moon last weekend.. with a small bang UpdateAtlantis has successfully launched and safely reached orbit.

Btw, absolutely stunning images during that launch, from the camera on the main external fuel tank, as a vividly blue and green curved Earth slipped into view.. all the way to the point at which the main tank was dropped and Atlantis swooped on into orbit.

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