Clarke: behave yourself Gordon!!

Talk about a slapdown… Iain Dale has a sneak preview of Charles Clarke putting it up to Gordon Brown in the Telegraph tomorrow, effectively saying he needs to let his ‘positive side’ come to the fore… As Danny Finklestein (I think) said last night on Newsnight, for all the talk of Blair’s weakness, possession is nine tenths of the law…


  • Pete Baker


    “It could be Reid, Johnson, Miliband – we just don’t know..”

    Hmm.. Mick, I see he didn’t mention Milburn this time..

  • Rory

    Clarke’s attack on Brown was all over the airwaves tonight but so was Harriet Harman’s scathing attack on Clarke.

    My assessment is that, in this staring case, Blair blinked first and although he still sits in the saddle the girth-strap is decidedly loose and he will inevitably slip off before he reaches the end of his intended journey.

    Really now the battle lines are not being drawn between Blair and Brown but between the supporters of Brown and the ABG(anyone but Gordon) camp. Clarke is no longer a serious Blairite following his recent contemptuous dismissal from the Home Office but he knows, that like Jowell, Milburn and Reid he has no future under Brown, whereas Harman and Straw can foresee hope in the eventuality of Brown’s accession.

    For my money I see Brown being much the stronger at the moment and I do not see any ABG candidate in the wings with any serious credibility.

    However it all adds greatly to the gaiety of the nation and for that we must be thankful.

  • Hidden Gem

    “I’m not working in league with Tony Blair or Number 10. I’m trying to give a reasonable, dispassionate view of what I think the issues are…”

    It seems like Gordon Brown is not the only one working to a personal agenda. For all Charles Clarke’s sniping from the sidelines backbenches, he really only succeeds in proving Tony Blair’s point for him. I am not all together convinced of CK’s motivation, other than just someone who is still holding a grudge? Tony Blair won’t be here in twelve months, in the meantime, let him and the government get on with the job they were elected to do. I think TB is right on this point.

    What is with politicians that they seem to talk about anything but the job they’ve been elected to do? Gerry & the Pacemakers are dragging their feet, spreading the word of peace around the world but forgetting that it starts at home! Big Ian Jury is waiting to be convinced of…, well what ever he is waiting to be convinced of! And in the meantime? A mid autumn break for the pollyticians to “get away from it all”! Ridiculous!

    Stop your bickering, your glory hunting, your navel gazing and your photo ops and get back to work! And they wonder why people are turning away from politics and not bothering to vote…

  • Cynic

    I disagree, Hidden Gem. Time for a new election …. this lot have lost it completely. Ego has become everything and bugger the country.It is ‘time to go’.

  • Hidden Gem

    Cynic, what do you specifically disagree with? Is it suggestion that CK or GB have their own agenda? That Tony Blair won’t be here in twelve months? That the Labour Party should get on with the job they were elected to do? Or was it the inferences about here? Does Gerry have no work to do here? Is he not needed here? Is Big Ian right to pur forward precondition after precondition? Or do you believe that politicians can only “get the job done” on a mid October break?

    You say it’s time for a new election but where and to what exactly? Your position isn’t clear, please do expand on these points….