Meeting me is bad for your political future….

North Down Alliance councillor Ian (‘I won on the dyslexic DUP vote’) Parsley (aka IJP on Slugger) is now blogging. He confesses his secret, and is not afraid to produce the photographs to prove it. David Ford, presumably, has political immunity?!


  • IJP

    I first met David Ford just after he became leader in 2001, and he’s been immune so far…!

  • Rebecca Black

    but he doesn’t allow for comments, thats no fun!

    I notice Colm Fahey, chairman of the Young Progressive Democrats is in the second pic, whats the linkage there?

  • mickhall

    Good luck with the blog Ian, please, please, please may your curse of the photo work, one down and one to go.

    All the best.


  • Rory

    “.. let no one doubt unification is working. It just takes time.”

    O.K. he was speaking of Germany after a trip to Leipzig. But was he referring to closer to home by analogy? I think we should be told.

  • IJP

    I should add that Ian Parsley met Ian Paisley for the first time earlier this year too… albeit without photographic evidence (which was topical at the time…)


    All young European Liberals, our respective youth wings both recently having rejoined the youth wing of ELDR.


    … and I think you should continue to guess… 🙂

  • dantheman

    Still no South Down roads section on the site I see IJP….

    Still good to see that unification talk all the same.

  • smcgiff

    Congrats, IJP,

    However, you left out Ulster Scots on your rather impressive resume! 😉

    IJP – The thinking man’s unionist!

  • Young Fogey

    Ian – you need to allow comments and you also need to have more than 5 posts on your front page – 12 as a minimum, 20 or 25 gives new visitors more of a flavour of what your blog is about.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ve recommended a shift to better blogware…

  • Young Fogey

    Like Slugger O’Toole perhaps? 😉

  • audley

    IJ Parsley,

    If you want a MINT of a site, now is the THYME to take some SAGE advice. I thought my wife was coming in the door the other day so I said, “ALOE VERA! CUMIN!”. Turns out it was my other CHICORY, ROSEMARY. She just CAMOMILE from the nearby garden centre and said said “POPPY! Pick a seed, ANISEED will do!” I was CRESS, so I choose some MARIJUANA. I smoked it and said “Thats CUDWEED!”

  • Excellent news! Ian is certainly one of the most thoughtful commentators here on Slugger, so it’s great to see him getting his own blog going.

    Tho’ I would concur with other contributors and advise him to host his site using a more user-friendly blogging service like WordPress.

  • missfitz

    Ach, the wee crathur was hiding his light under a bushel and blogging since July!

    Well done IJP and good luck with it. Still think you would make a good addition here……… But not as my replacement 😉

  • Clive McFarland

    Comment facility definately required Ian – we need to be able to tell you what we think!!

    Shame there’s no picture of you with the great man himself – of course I refer to Sonny Landham, Kentucky’s ‘favourite’ son (well 15% anyway).

    P.S – how many have “added you as a friend”?

  • Crataegus

    Though I may not always agree I admire your obvious enthusiasm.

  • IJP

    Thanks for the advice, especially Audley.

    Notes on Kentucky and South Down motorways will surely follow if/when I ever get round to new software…

    Won’t be going over the top with this blogging lark, mind – I have a small business to run, constituents to represent and the odd comment on Slugger (the King of Blogs) to add… 🙂

  • IJP


    By the way, many thanks for your kind words here and indeed, albeit over a year ago, on your own blog!

    Unusually you get about as much thanks as a public rep as you do as a football referee! So most kind of you.

  • unionist

    almost as good at self promotion as the last great white hope of the Alliance party Glyn Roberts. At least IJP allowed Mr Ford in his photos.

  • Comrade Stalin

    (the King of Blogs)

    D’agh, this counter-revolutionary bourgeois terminology must stop. All power to the Soviets!

  • Ian

    good luck with the blog.

    If you added a comment facility we could have a conversation where we are NOT standing in the rain outside a polling station!

    I’ll link to you from “We Perish…”

  • job done… you now fill the space left vacant by the sad demise of “NI Magyar”.