“Everyone should now shut up.”

Whatever’s eating Labour from within, the feast isn’t over yet. As the Guardian’s Matthew Tempest [approriately – Ed] reports, Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has criticised Gordon Brown as nervous and unproven, while praising potential contender for the not-yet-vacant PM post, Alan Milburn. It’s prompted the response, noted in the title, from Harriet Harman, while prominent Opus Dei member, and communities secretary, Ruth Kelly, has called for a period of “calm and reflection”.. [Not much chance of that – Ed] Also worth reading, Simon Hoggart’s interpretation of yesterday’s events More on Clarke Update Former Health Secretary, Frank Dobson clearly has no intention of shutting up


  • Young Fogey

    Alan Millburn? Be serious.

    A second-rate minister with the charisma of a plastic toilet-roll holder and a tendency to bully, who’s so far to the right he even makes me nervous and, more importantly, will be incapable of shoring up a Labour grassroots more and more disillusioned with their natural party.

    This is the silliest idea in politics I’ve heard for a long time. If Millburn is leader, Labour will be crushed at the next General Election. Enough people know that for him not to become leader.

  • Rory

    Alan Milburn, former grungy beardie and Trotskyite bookshop minder and member of the International Marxist Group (proudly self-proclaimed as the British section of Trotsky’s Fourth International) and yet: “who’s so far to the right he even makes me nervous” according to Young Fogey? Surely not?

    Well, yes actually is the answer, he is indeed that far to the right, a self serving opportunist careerist with his eye out for the main chance and personal wealth enhancement using whichever rung on the the power ladder to which he can climb.

    A natural successor to the Sainted One then.

    Still it’s comforting to be reminded that one can always rely on a Trot to live up to expectations.

  • Pete Baker


    Frank Dobson agrees with your assessment of Milburn..

    and isn’t shutting up..

    Mr Dobson said: “Frankly the only way to put an end to it is for Tony to resign because we can’t make a fresh start until we’ve got a new leader – whoever it may be.”

    Interview to be broadcast tomorrow morning..

  • Rory

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Pete. Frank Dobson’s right about Milburn’s disastrous record at Health but I wonder if he will draw to our attention the number of lucrative directorships that the ex-minister now holds in those vulture companies that feed off NHS privatisation and his deep interest in similar ventures in the privatisation of public education.

    An enthusiast for “modernisation” is our Alan. He has seen the new way and it is indeed paved with gold.