DUP attacks SF over its DI campaign…

Whilst Robin Newton expresses regret at the closure of the Daily Ireland and the loss of jobs (it might pay some of our readers to remember that too), he nevertheless goes on to criticise the concerted campaign by Sinn Fein councillors to have Belfast City Council to place ads with the failing title.

  • southbelfastnewsman

    so many figures,

    if SF were quoting 8,300 readers in Belfast does that mean the remaining readership outside the city was 2, 200 – througout 31 counties and the rest of Antrim?

    The Irish News today states that ‘industry sources’ placed the number of copies purchased at 3,000 each day.

    what i would be worried about on Hannastown Hill is that the quality of the main flagship paper, The Andersonstown News, has suffered from an apparent lack of attention to the extent that it has become little more than an ad sheet (ironically). if that paper doesnt arrest a slide in sales the whole enterprise could be in bother.

  • DK

    Did the DUP ever lobby the council to put ads in the Newsletter? If so, then they would be hypocrites. Anyone know?

  • Yokel

    I would suggest that no lobbying was needed for the Newsletter. It had the circulation and it was around before the DUP ever existed.

    Nice try DK but a load of old bollocks.

    Southbelfastnewsman, ATN will likely survive though there was plenty if subsidising going on.

    For the umpteenth time, this newspaper’s failure is all about poor business acumen not politics.

  • jim

    Right, so failure it is then. Ok, back to the original plan then. Lets get a SF supporter to buy the News Letter.

  • Ultimately a newspaper is made up of a number of departments – editorial, ad sales, business/financials and finally circulation/marketing. DI’s main problem was that only one of these was working well (even if at times it was so badly biased as to be laughable!) Newspapers that are successful look to the future and have a business plan that takes account of realistic circulation figures that can be achieved, not some wild assumption that can never be met. And, if anyone here was to be charged with placing advertisements would you seriously ever place an ad in DI when there are three papers with far superior circulation and community reach? Doesn’t take a DUP supporter to work that out, but it seems to have escaped the grasp of DI’s management team

  • londonderry_loyal

    There was no need for this paper at the start. There are enough of papers expressing their republican views on the shelves.
    I’m happy that this paper will be no more, but sad for the workers who will be losing their jobs

  • Can I say that the absence of the “Daily Provo” is hardly a loss to the noble profession of journalism! I was just wondering if NI taxpayers can get back the 1.5m paid out to the rag in the first instance?

  • ernie

    The bin is the best place for this paper


    Whilst Robin Newton expresses regret at the closure of the Daily Ireland and the loss of jobs (it might pay some of our readers to remember that too),

    Sorry Mick, I don’t quite follow you here. Are you suggesting that I feel sorry for those who were employed to promote hatred of me and mine?
    Personally speaking, I found the Daily Ireland to be a really nasty piece of work on a par with any hate publication to be found on the net or in print.

    How can you say that I ought to give a shit when those who took part in this sinister endeavour lost their jobs?

    I remember people putting forward the lost jobs argument when hunting was banned, it was a crock then, and it’s a crock now.