Whatever happened to Australia’s “Diana Moment”…

This comes third hand but it is almost the better for it… The Guardian majored on Steve Irwin’s sudden death in the G2 supplement the other day suggesting it was Australia’s ‘Diana moment’… here’s Germaine Greer’s thoughts refracted by several of her critics…

  • Pete Baker


    I think Tim Blair is fundamentally wrong in his criticism here. And Clive Davis misses the importance of the fundamental difference in approach advocated in the article by Virginia McKenna:

    My heart goes out to Steve Irwin’s family. They will be inconsolable. I just wish that Steve’s talent, passion and commitment had been directed more towards the conservation and protection of wild animals in the wild.[added emphasis]

    It was Irwin’s self-promotion of his family’s zoo, set up by his father, that was the driving force behind his career and his on-screen approach to wild-life.. and that’s at the heart of the criticism of the approach he used to publicise himself – as parodied by Germaine Greer, and more gently criticised by Virginia McKenna. Both criticisms are valid – ‘tact’ is an irrevelant moral judgement, by critics, on one particular critic.

  • Pete Baker

    It’s probably also worth pointing out that Germaine Greer’s article was part of a trio of pieces… and the opposite view was from Jono Coleman

  • moochin photoman

    Within hours of Irwins death, before i’d even heard of it on the telly i recieved the following from my bro in NZ……..
    Fwd Txt Message
    When Asked about his favourite childhood programmes Steve Irwin replied
    “Thunderbirds was great but there’ll always be a place in my heart for stingray”

    I also heard that he ignoared all advice and didn’t apply sunscreen even tho it repels all harmful rays!

  • Donnacha

    My God, the bad taste jokes are out all ready. Phenomenal…Why can’t aeroplanes travel that fast?

  • Harry Flashman

    I think Steve Irwin is a bit of an anti-Diana, ie his critics are the sort of people who led the great Diana canonisation thingy whereas the sort of people who thought Irwin was a bit of an eejit but on the whole a decent sort are the types who were bewildered by the outpouring of emotion over the death of the Sainted One.

    I am very much in the camp that he was a bit of a larrikin who lived and died the way he wanted to but I’ll not be leaving flowers and teddy bears at his shrine.

    Greer is just the sort of dried up oul’ windbag that was the very antithesis of Irwin.

  • I think he compares more to Joey Dunlop than Diana in that they both lived by the sword and died by it. Both knew of the risks involved in their respective walks of life and both died doing what they loved and did best. His death doesn’t come as a huge surprise given his tendency to get up close and personal with dangerous animals, but condolences to his family.

    I agree with HF’s description of Germiane Greer though.

  • moochin photoman

    A bright and brash Australian,
    The hunter was his name,
    And all those slimy reptiles,
    Brought him wealth and fame,
    Some say he was a looker,
    To girls he was a dish,
    He knew everything ’bout crocodiles,
    But F*CK ALL about fish

  • Billy


    I have no particular feelings about Steve Irwin (except deepest sympathy for his family).

    You’re spot on about Germaine Greer though.

    Wrote a “controversial” book 36 years ago and has been living off it ever since.

    She goes on arty-farty shows like Late Review and slags off everyone else. She goes on “Have I got News for You” and is about as amusing as a kick in the nuts.

    I think she wrote the criticism of Steve Irwin just to be controversial and get her name in the papers.

    Let’s face it – she’s not going to get publicity for doing anything original or talented.