Ways forward for Labour…

We don’t recommend the Steve Bell approach. Guido has a few future scenarios thought out (don’t rule out the ratf**k, unlikely as it seems). Paul Linford gives probablities with his (via Iain). But the most intriguing detail so far is the emergence of Jack Straw (now reportedly in the Brown camp) as the latest to say May next year it is.


  • Pete Baker

    Hmmm.. I wouldn’t put Straw “in the Brown camp” as such, Mick..

    More it’s a case of Straw saying, “We’re not running an ‘anyone but Brown’ campaign, Gordon.. Honest…”

  • Pete Baker


    Statement from Tony Blair

    “The next TUC conference next week will be my last TUC, probably to the relief of both of us.

    “But I am not going to set a precise date now. I don’t think that’s right. I will do that at a future date and I’ll do it in the interests of the country and, depending on the circumstances, of the time.”

    and now he waits to see if that’s clear enough for Gordon..

  • Crataegus

    Blairs on the gang plank and someone needs to give him a good prod with a sharp point. Terminate this woeful farce.

    What exactly will it take for Blair to acknowledge the message? Does he really think he can brass it out? He needs to say when so there can be a leadership contest. Just end the uncertainty!

  • Pete Baker

    “What exactly will it take for Blair to acknowledge the message? Does he really think he can brass it out?”


    Blair’s statement fits the ratfuck scenario, as outlined by Guido.. as does Straw’s reassuring words..

  • smcgiff

    The Harney/McDowell show have upstaged the Blair/Brown show…


    Mary is standing down!

  • Crataegus


    The problem for Blair is the back benchers are getting increasingly edgy. Many know if he dallies they are doomed. Scottish Assembly Members can’t feel too happy and to a lesser extent those in Wales feel redundancy looming. They know Blair is synonymous with Iraq and a pack of lies, they know he has to go. Their judgement day is next May as it is with many councillors. MPs in turn don’t want to see their support base shrink with the loss of more councillors and decreasing membership and activists. They can’t pussy foot about. Blair has to go.

    Mind you next May is likely to be bad for Labour no matter who is in the driving seat. Not a good start for a new PM.

  • willis


    Straw is not in the Brown Camp, rather the Straw Camp. Blair can hardly expect any favours from him after appeasing Bush by moving him from the FO.

  • Bushmills


    If the PD’s have a titter of whit they’ll go for Liz O’Donnell.

  • smcgiff

    Definitely easier on the eye anyway, Bushmilss – by a country mile. McDowell might leave the party if she got the nod.