Political betting on Brown and Blair…

The political punter’s punter site on Brown Blair… Political betting with a number angles on when Blair will go… And I should be on Five Live Drive this evening with a blog round up just after 6.30pm…


  • esmereldavillalobos

    Nice one, Mick – more national kudos! Was just making tea and caught the interview – was not deliberately looking out for the segment, you know 😉

    As I commented earlier on another thread, I agree with with whoever you quoted (I didn’t catch the name) who said that the most likely outcome is a coup d’etat from within the cabinet. The knives are out for Blair now and this statement does not delay the inevitable, it merely weakens his position and hastens his departure more quickly. Stephen Pound was doing his usual “Yo, Blair! Big up to ya! Strong statement.” garbage all over the TV to anyone who’d listen this afternoon but it all strikes of desperation. I say again, weeks not months.

    I take it you don’t entirely agree with the blogger you quoted, Mick?

  • Mick Fealty

    Probably not enough strength in the Cabinet as yet… but this is a real mess and is only going to get worse… I’d have liked to have been a fly on the wall in that ‘shouting match meeting’ yesterday…

  • Bushmills

    I must say I am enjoying immensely the sight of the NuLabour project falling apart. I always greatly admired John Major and I detested the way Blair and his cronies crucified him and relentlessly demonised him. Well guess what Blair – Major laid the seeds for the economic boom we have just enjoyed (note I am talking about it in the past tense), steered a sensible course on Europe, kick-started the Ulster peace process and is viewed by most people now as a fundamnetally decent man who was let down by some of the sh*ts around him.

    What will Blair be remebered for/as – lying to us about Iraq, showing utter contempt for parliament and the Millenium Dome a vain-glorious, self-indulgent, PR obsessed freak.

    Goodbye Anthony Blair you will not be mourned!

  • Cynic

    Tut tut Mick.

    I thought that hunting with dogs had been banned and now you’re suggesting betting on it.

    Aren’t blood sports wonderful, although a pack of beagles looks much more attractive than this lot!