class acts?

As Tony Blair dithers gambles on reassuring the malcontents within, and without, his party.. and one malcontent in particular.. fisked by Finkelstein.. another party leader, Mary Harney of the Progressive Democrats, has resigned with immediate effect announced she will stand down as leader “as soon as a successor is chosen”, but wants to keep her Ministerial post? Interestingly Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has rallied to Tony Blair’s defence.. while Peter Hain wants an orderly handover, to Gordon Brown [and another job? – Ed].. not a chaotic putsch.. Update Mary Harney’s statement

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  • na

    I found this blog very messy and covering two stories that are entirely unrelated as one with additions and strikethroughs made for an extremely confused piece IMHO. (maybe that’s why the comments have been added on pieces that treat the stories as seperate items?)

  • Pete Baker

    As always, na, your critique of my posts has been duly noted.

  • pedant watch

    agrees with pete for once. Na you are becoming an irritating pedant and you know you are. stick to the trains.

  • Pete Baker


    Play the ball!