Calling all nationalists…

El Blogador asks for nominations for his/her ‘Excellence in Irish nationalism’ over the last year.

  • aquifer

    The GAA for letting the ruggerbuggers use Croke park while they fixed their own stadium?

  • Henry94

    Ken Loach and Eoughan Harris for each in their own way asks us to accept that things were not and are not as simple as we might have believed.

    The reality is that the media and the education system perpetrated two frauds on the Irish people in succession.

    The first was the simplistic nationalist version of history and the second was the simplistic anti-nationalist version.

    Both are wrong and both need scrutiny.

  • Bushmills

    Mark Durkan for putting some clear green water between himself and Sinn Fein over the last twelve months – the OTR legislation being dropped was I would contend in no small part due to SDLP opposition to it.

    It was the first sign that he intends to steer a seperate course from Hume’s previous agenda, and that he is growing into a leader in the real sense of the word. Also for getting back to basics and defending Foyle through a vigourous on-the-ground election campaign.

  • Anyone can vote- you don’t need to be nationalist. Full details are on the site.

    Thanks for the link, Mick.

  • GavBelfast

    There can be only one choice: Barry McElduff.

  • abucs

    Peter Hain ?

  • abucs

    Sorry El Matador, just opened your link and saw someone had beat me to it.

    I’ll second it though.

  • pith

    Pigley Winks

  • BogExile

    My Dad for throwing his sash into a skip after the Quinn children were burned to death in Ballymoney.

  • na

    Monsignor Denis O’Beirne Faul. Though I can’t be bothered visiting that SDLP youth split site.

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    Whoever planted those green white and orange posies in Tannaghmore Gardens 🙂

  • Young Fogey

    Ian Paisley for being too dumb to realise that the only way he can stop Peter Hain doing things that annoy Prods is to cut a deal with the Shinners.

  • Brendan

    I vote for the entire British army.
    Their behaviour in Iraq and Afghanistan has made the Nationalist experience in the occupied 6 counties more sympathetic to the average Independant reading ‘free-stater’.
    In fact, the rising anger over the 1974 Dublin-Monaghan bombings across the political spectrum is amazing considering the work that Irish media has done to cover it up.
    Of course if the British Army accept their award – they will be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity.
    As George Bush says : first we give ’em a fair trial. Then we hang ’em.

  • Patrique

    The Iceland soccer team

  • bertie

    “Ian Paisley for being too dumb to realise that the only way he can stop Peter Hain doing things that annoy Prods is to cut a deal with the Shinners”

    or for not being too dumb to realise that the thing that will annoy a lot of the people who vote for his party, Prods and not, is to cut a deal with the Shinners.

  • Kenny


    I am not a Sinn Fein voter but Durkan only won Foyle because a reasonable number of Unionists voted for him (to keep Sinn Fein out).

    Durkan is not and will never be a “leader in his own right”. He and the middle-calls members of the SDLP still delude themselves that the vast majority of people (Catholic and Protestant) want a fair and just society for all.

    The truth is that a very large percentage of DUP supporters (especially in North Antrim) don’t want a Catholic about the place and certainly don’t want to share power with them.

    There is no chance of an agreement. I don’t like Sinn Fein but, even if they disappeared, the DUP support would come up with yet another objection to power sharing.

    Durkan lives in a dream world – the best scenario for Catholics is the joint stewardship of the UK and RoI Govts. Unionism has a negligible voice at Westminster so this would ensure that any legislation passed would be to the benefit of both communities rather than just the Unionists.

  • Brian Boru

    Bertie Ahern for the 1916 commemorations.

  • slug

    “I am not a Sinn Fein voter but Durkan only won Foyle because a reasonable number of Unionists voted for him (to keep Sinn Fein out).”

    This is factually incorrect and the evidence shows it very clearly.

  • Coolian_82

    Mr Anthony Blair….who else????

  • Patrique

    Durkan supports slaughter in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere because it supplies jobs for Derry. A pity about the peace process, could have had a rubber bullet factory in Creggan, opened by Durkan.

  • Billy


    I don’t think Durkan will be an issue for too much longer. He is a truly awful “leader” – a position he only got on the back of John Hume. Unfotunately, I think one of the Unionist parties will win back South Belfast (a pity as A McDonnell is one of the 2 good people with Alban McGuinness – left in the SDLP).

    The pathetic Eddie McGrady is not standing in South Down and Sinn Fein could well take it.

    SDLP membership is at an all time low and they could well have only 1 MP (2 at best) after the next election. The SDLP may well fold – if it is to survive, they’ll have to ditch Durkan and, if they have any sense, they’ll dump the appalling arrogant Attwoods also.

  • kensei

    If he refuses to deal, Ian Paisley. It’ll be the biggest boon to Nationalism in years.

    Monica Digney maybe, for the shit she has had to take in Ballymena.

  • darth rumsfeld

    yup, the loopy leprachaun Barry McElduff is nationalism’s shining star

  • Brendan

    Willie Frazier for visiting his capital city at last.
    I have to say he did receive a warm welcome – guess it was all that Damnbusters theme his loyal bandsmen were drumming while they waited at the Garden of Rememberence.
    Love Ulster (except Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal)… (oh and except those pesky wee katlicks in our wee country).

  • eric


    “The pathetic Eddie McGrady”

    Why pathetic? I dont know the man (other than off the TV) but haven’t people been voting for him time and time again? Surely that means he is what the majority of the people want and would mean he is not “pathetic” as you suggest.