Blood in the water?

Three letters calling for Tony Blair to end his Prime Ministership are circulating among Labour backbenchers. The Daily Mirror has revealed, in typical Blairite style, a memo with a plan of how he is going to leave the stage.

  • nmc

    He’s a shadow of a man. How will we remember him?

    “Yo Blair” pretty much covers it for me.

  • “Yo, Blair” does cover a lot of it – but he is still tenacious and wants to make them wait, even if it means destroying the whole thing. It’ll be a while yet. As to how we remember him: a bright young thing who promised much and really looked (even to an old Tory boy) as though he might change the stale air of politics. Bank of England independence good, national minimum wage good and I guess he’s kept the show on the road in Northern Ireland. But it’s not much to show for 10 years of work, is it?

  • Daisy

    Tony complains that the plotters are wrecking the party when it’s his own selfish ego which is doing just that. He’s now a lameduck PM and should retire as soon as, instead of stubbornly trying to hold on to power. He’ll make millions from his memoirs, so it’s not as if he’ll have to live out his retirement in poverty and obscurity.

  • No Tony, stay, please stay.

    You’re currently doing wonders for the Tory party in the polls. Keep it up.

  • Crataegus

    Blair’s government will be remembered as one that missed opportunities and dashed hopes. It promised much, had a thumping majority, failed to work out the detail, was timorous and therefore failed to deliver. It lacked real substance.

    Its approach is typified by devolution, instead of working out a clear structure for all of the UK and getting on with it, it has been piecemeal and incoherent reform. We have Assemblies with different powers, different voting systems, elected Lord Mayors and on top of that a botched reform of the upper house. One has to ask what on earth did they hope to achieve?

    He will also be remembered as the Prime Minister who took the country into a deeply unpopular war on evidence that was deliberately misleading. That is what he will be remembered for most.

    We have a very poor government, in cases like this the person at the top has to take responsibility and the sooner he retires the stage and gives someone else the opportunity the better for himself and us all. He is destroying the Labour Party.

  • heck

    to paraphrase a prominent labour party member.

    blair is crap

  • baldrick45

    For me his personal vanity and weakness, is typified by the Daily Mirror story.

    Put bluntly its “F*ck the substance, how can we spin this to pander to our glorious leader’s ego”.

    For me, his legacy will be failures on policy and on policy delivery, Iraq, “Yo Blair”, his treatment of his cronies ie Peter (How many times do I need to resign before I get that sweet EU job) Mandelson and more than anything his obsession with spin, which again and again completely disregarded the truth in its quest for a good sound bite for “the annointed one”.

    In fact while I have to give him credit for “New Labour” and making the Labour Party electable again, I see little else of value for his 10 years in power.

    A true statesman can let history make its own judgement, not seek to engineer a 12 month long national “love-in” and a “Diana-style” day of mourning when “Our Tone” leaves No 10 for the last time.

    He’s definitely not worth it.

  • Turbopaul

    A compromise may be for Tony Blair to leave the stage for health reasons, his doggy ticker (heart) is playing up and on doctors advice he retires gracfully!!!!!!

    Otherwise, as I have stated on another thread, Lord Levy may become Tony Blair’s nemesis, Achilles heel, especially if the Levy report is damming!!!!!

  • Crataegus

    Can anyone explain why the hell he is hanging on?

    Vanity, insanity, it can’t be a desire to do anything useful so why on earth is he hanging about?

    Why won’t someone in Labour tell him the Party is over and time to leave?

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    I suppose there’s the chance he still thinks he can last longer than Thatcher.

    He’s certainly emulated her in a way… there are people who would otherwise be swing voters who will never vote Conservative on the basis that they remember Maggie, and I expect a sizeable portion of the electorate will consider Labour beyond the pale for a long time after TB departs – I know I will.

    I was hopeful Blair would make a difference in 1997.
    I was disappointed by 2001, but voted tactically because Hague was mostly talking crap at the time.
    I marched against the invasion in 2002 and 2003.
    I did not vote Labour in 2005. I doubt I will ever do so again.

    Nice legacy Tony…

  • esmereldavillalobos

    To paraphrase the PM, his legacy is as follows:

    Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.

    What a pity.