Be careful what you wiki…

Ahem, Guido’s been testing the boundaries of online democracy again… The trouble arose when he pointed citizens at David Milliband’s policy development wiki, and invited them to make their own, ahem, “different and novel viewpoints”. Brave idea from the Minister, but he may learning the hard way there may be some discussions better accomplished within the independent sector. Anything on the web should have much larger scope for people to make up their own minds about the quality of Government plans.

  • Pete Baker

    “Thanks to everyone for their interest so far – do visit again and continue the discussion. In the meantime, you’re welcome to read the comments and materials submitted.”


  • Miss Fitz

    Tell you what, there’s some interesting stuff on that site, and very resonant with the currect debate of whose repsonsibility it is to actively promote environmental protection

    Thanks Pete

  • Pete Baker

    Of the comments I can view, Miss Fitz, I have to admit this one was the best..

    “Ye gods man. Has it ever occured to you to consider leaving people, and for that matter ‘society’ as a whole, alone and in peace. It is just possible that we may not destroy ourselves in a matter of months without your guiding hands.”


  • Belfast Gonzo

    “Thanks Pete”

    Mick, surely? Maybe the number of “ahem”s confused you!


  • Miss Fitz

    God Gonzo, you’re bright for that time of the morning.

    OK, thanks Mick, but it had a Pete ‘feel’ about it!

  • joc

    The following link (Wonko) shows a saved version of the doctored site:

    Originally picked up from: