Same story, different geography

A Ballymena family is moving out of its home after four sectarian attacks in a year. These are part of a tit-for-tat pattern in the town. A memorial to Mickybo has also been paint-bombed (subs reqd). Meanwhile paramilitary graffitti and intimidation in south Belfast has angered local politicians.

  • North Antrimer

    I am equally disgusted at the attacks on Protestant and Catholic families in Ballymena but the question has to be asked why after 4-5 attacks on Catholic families the PSNI made no significant statement, but after the attack on a Protestant family on Thurs/Friday Shevlin comes out and says its ‘tit-for-tat’. It’s not ‘tit-for-tat’ at all and the statistics for attacks over the past two weeks show this.

  • JR

    I’ve noticed a growing number of swastika symbols being painted on shop fronts in the upper Ormeau Road. Is this now a part of the ‘Unionist Culture’ or is the swastika an ancient Ulster-Scots symbol?

  • qubol

    As a Republican from Dunclug I can’t hide my disgust at the self-styled CRF. These bigoted thugs claim to be Republicans but clearly have no idea of what Republicanism stands for. The targeting of Protestants in Dunclug is a disgrace and is exactly what Nationalists in Ballymena protested about when Loyalists did the same to Catholics in Harryville. The CRF and their thugs have little support in Dunclug, they claim to be defending Nationalists from Loyalists but to be honest the people of Dunclug can do without their kind of defence. What we need is strong leadership and direction from our politicians to drive these dispicable thugs from our community.

  • JR

    Anyone who attacks someone because they’re different is a total moron. We all should embrace difference and learn to live and thrive with it. If we don’t the next 30 years will be worse than the last 30 years because people of a greater diverse will be will be moving here to live and work. Wake up and enjoy diversity.

  • I was wondering…
    I drove through Ballymena on Saturday night, around 8pm.It was getting dark and I noticed a few bandsmen, spectators and the police. I thought it’s getting dark so I must’ve missed the bands.Sunday morning I heard on the radio bands had paraded last night in Ballymena and there wasn’t much trouble.
    Band parades in the dark? What could the results of this be? Could there be a link to this post by Fair Deal? Is it better for it’s entertainment value to parade in the dark, lets have a firework display afterwards?

  • moochin photoman

    i posted this shot
    from the florists on the ormeau road a wee while ago on along with a few other (scroll down a few posts been a bit busy!)

  • slug

    The thing is that Dunclug and Millfield are rather mixed and indeed North Ballymena is mixed. I live in North Ballymena.

    I have seen these Catholic Reaction Force grafitti going up and I am very pleased to see home owners painting such grafitti out when it is painted on their property.

    It is clear that the CRF want to drive protestants out of Dunclug and Millfield.


  • slug,
    Is it common to have band parades in the dark in Ballymena? Could these parades raise tensions throughout Ballymena and hence the “tit for tat”?

  • Alan Law

    The attack on the Michael McIlveen unofficial memorial is beyond description.

    The CRF graffiti has been appearing around the North Ballymena area and it’s a very alarming development. The graffiti claimed that “Loyalists USE (sic) are next”.

  • slug

    It was painted out very quickly – well done to the person who painted it out.