Clear green water?

In a break from its traditional form of campaigning Fianna Fail is to start its re-election campaign with a series of policy documents over the coming months. In particular, the documents will stress where Fianna Fail disagrees with Progressive Democrat approaches on health and crime. Is the development of of clear green water between FF and the PD’s their usual deft footwork before an election or are FF looking for a new coalition partner?

  • Garibaldy

    Policy documents? FF? Before an election? What is the world coming to?

  • fair_deal


    “The plan by Fianna Fáil to roll out separate policy papers is in contrast to its normal electoral strategy of keeping its new policies under wraps until its manifesto launch at the beginning of an official election campaign.”

  • Tochais Siorai

    Mary O Rourke and another FF backbench TD were on the Radio this AM predicting up a FF/Lab coalition.

  • Garibaldy


    I realised I may not have been clear. I was sneering at the notion that FF would commit themselves to anything. Makes it harder to be all things to all men.

  • fair_deal


    My mistake, apologies

  • Green Ink

    Electorally FF usually carry the can even where the junior partners are to blame. Bertie is as astute as he is incapable of making eye contact and he’ll be damned it he’s going to carry the can in a general election. Case in point: Bertie vacated himself during the fallout of the Supreme Court’s ruling on statutory rape, so that Michael McDowell is the face associated with that monumental farce. FF will distance themselves from the PDs if they are becoming untenable in the eyes of the electorate, but this won’t preclude a government of the same configuration post-election: everyone is prepared to kiss and make up when it comes to the numbers game.

  • Crataegus

    With massive levels of debt and rising interest rates when will the next election be?

  • Ciaran Irvine

    Various FF luminaries have been flirting with both Labour and the Greens recently. If there’s a bloodbath in the next election and FF fall to around 60 seats or less it won’t matter, but anything above that and they’re still in the game. It looks like the FF gameplan will be simple damage limitation now, try to blame everything unpopular on the PDs, save as many FF seats as possible and thus force a hung Dáil.

    For example, if they get 65+ seats, then with SF, the FF gene pool Independents etc. the non-Rainbow bloc will be up somewhere near 80 seats, meaning a very precarious Rainbow with a majority of a seat or two, or no clear victor at all. Then FF could persuade Labour to dump Rabbitte and go for FF/Lab “in the interests of national stability”

    If they by some miracle save 70+ FF seats, then an FF/Green minority government tacitly backed by SF and Inds also becomes a real runner – because FG/Lab/Green just won’t have the magic 83.

    A snap election will be called just as soon as Bertie gets word from his property developer pals that the housing market has started to stall.

  • hovetwo

    One of the few things Bertie has been categorical about is his preference for summer campaigns – the long hours and better weather being critical in getting the vote out. To be fair to him, he has also rejected calls for opportunistic snap elections in the past.

    With the new motorways scheduled for opening over the next few months (try driving past Naas, unrecognisable) there will be every incentive to hang on in there so the Dublin commuter belt can have a feel good factor with the SSIA money jangling in their pockets.

    On the other hand, I’ve just seen that the boom in property has led to an unforecasted tax surplus equivalent to €100 per month for the past 8 months for every worker in the state…!