Racist arson attacks

Police believe a series of arson attacks in the Altcarn area of Londonderry were racially motivated. A stabbing is also believed to be linked to the arson attacks.

  • Rory

    A budgerigar went “cheep” in a cage, in the home of an old age pensioner, in Waltham Forest, Essex on Saturday afternoon.

    Police called to the incident say that they are “investigating”.

  • aquifer

    Too many “Series”, too few arrests.


    Too many “Series”, too few arrests.

    Not enough help from the general public. People get the police service they support.

  • Donnacha

    People support the police service they trust.



    People would start supporting the police tomorrow, if they were told they could.
    The withdrawal of support is a political and sectarian decision.

    I am willing to bet that within a month or two there will be an upsurge i support for the olice, and the only thing that will have changed is one political party’s attitude.

    Trust, my arse.

  • moochin photoman