Happy Birthday Talkback

See that Talkback will be celebrating its 20th birthday next Friday. Love it or loathe it, its quite an achievement for David Dunseith and his team. I don’t listen everyday, and there are times that I become frustrated, bored or angry when I do. However, it has provided a vital and energetic platform for debate, discussion and contrasting views for 2 decades and that has been invaluable. David Dunseith remains impartial and unflappable, although he can become exaperated with the ‘usual whataboutery’ that is our cross to bear in Northern Ireland. That he remains interested in his subject and willing to engage with the public on the level he does marks him out as an outstanding journalist and presenter. I don’t know if he wants them, but many more years of talking back to you David! There will be a special show next Friday to mark the date, and I imagine it will be well worth a listen