McCann: President obscuring the extent of child poverty…

Eamon McCann takes issue President McAleese’s statement at the World Congress of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates in Belfast that Northern Ireland had become an inspirational place in its post conflict phase.The truth, according to McCann is quite other than inspirational:

Last year, in a report for Save the Children and the Children’s Law Centre, the University of Ulster School of Policy Studies found “considerable evidence … that Northern Ireland has higher levels of children living in poverty than any other region in the UK or Ireland. Every other child in the region is living in, or at risk of, poverty… The relative disadvantage faced by some groups, particularly the children of lone parents and of a disabled parent, is actually increasing … Per capita expenditure on Family and Child Care programmes has been between a third and a quarter less than that in England.”

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  • Crataegus

    The upwardly mobile tell people what they want to hear and no one is upset. I meet them all the time, sycophants and a waste of time. Why people bother with them or what they say is beyond me. I see little point in going to gatherings where one and all pat each other on the back and decide to view the world in overly optimistic terms.

    On the other hand McCann can be a real bore, but I have time for the man he says what he thinks and often he is right. There are areas of deprivation and we do need to address the problems. It is wrong to give speeches that pretend otherwise for in so doing you are putting the importance of other peoples’ perception of oneself before the issues that need to be addressed.