On the subject of plagiarism…

There is something of an urban myth amongst some journalists, that the relationship between bloggers is a one way only affair. Blogs like Slugger rely hugely on good mainstream journalism. It is clear because we always link and/or attribute the original journalist’s work. Slugger has done reasonably well the other way round, but there is still little recognition in the mainstream just how much they do rely on blogs and bloggers (and commenters) for new ideas and fresh thinking, yet it is still regarded by some as unconscionably outre to give credit where credit is due. The warning signs are there though as one journalist discovered in Utah! The Cut and Paste Awards last year, caught out some big names in British journalism.

  • Little Eva

    I just checked the links and your title isn’t very accurate. The Utah journalist was dismissed for lifting an article straight from a student newspaper. It was a New-York based telegraph correspondent who sent an e-mail to her London office highlighting a blogged piece from someone else which they inadvertently published under her byline. It wasn’t even on the subject she normally covers. She apologised right away to the blogger.

  • Angry Jurno

    Journalist dismissed for plagiarising….

    WOW that’s the A.T.N fucked good and proper now

  • Mick Fealty


    Funny five minutes… will amend…

  • curious

    What did the ATN lift, from where? By the by, the Irish News today notes its jump in sales, and the stagnation of the Daily Ireland – have they plauteaued?

  • Mick Fealty

    It would be best to put up, or shut up AJ, rather than make vague unsubstantiated claims.

  • fair_deal

    Was it the ATN or DI that got caught lifting election results (including mistakes) from the IN?