No show on high profile case…

Another snippet from the Telegraph worth noting is that a case which involved the public raid of UUP MLA’s constituency office at a particularly embarrasing point in last year’s election campaign has now been dropped. Jonathan McCambridge anticipates awkward questions from the Policing Board.

  • Pete Baker


    Is that link – ‘involving the public raid of UUP MLA’s constituency office – the one you meant to use? It doesn’t seem to directly relate to that case.

    There are some other posts in the archive on that raid though..


    and here

  • Pete Baker

    Oh, and here too ;o)

  • Mick Fealty

    Amended Pete, thanks..

  • Alan

    Jonathan McCambridge is one of the finest journalists in Northern Ireland – his pieces are consistently insightful and provide analysis as well as reportage, which sadly is all too often missing from our newspapers…

  • John East Belfast

    There should be a public enquiry into this Michael Copeland case.

    East Belfast UUP were disgusted that on the eve of our election manifesto launch Sir Reg’s office, which he shared with Michael, was raided in front of the TV cameras.

    It holed our already damaged campaign beneath the water line

    Michael has never even been interviewed about the matter and he and his family were put through hell including intrusive searches into their personal belongings which discovered absolutely nothing.

    I remember remarking at the time only in somewhere like Zimbabwe could such an act take place.

    It was and still is a bloody disgrace and we deserve answers.

  • darth rumsfeld

    I agree with you John- the PSNI is a politicised disgrace with a very curious agenda- but then… Michael and you voted for it in 1998.

    And don’t kid yourself that the Copeland case holed your campaign below the waterline- the good ship UUP was on the rocks long before some self-promoting MLA got put through the wringer. His problems affected the outcome of the election as much as Berry’s did

  • POL

    Whats the odds on another Sinn Fein political scandal erupting just before the next political deadline expires.Its getting to the stage that when something positive is about to happen we convieniently witness a scandal emerge. Now to date we`ve witnessed save dave scandals and scandals that have just strengthened the Dup. As stated before, these so-called investigations always tend to turn up nothing,but they do tend to topple administrations or attempt to strengthen/weaken a specific political party.Maybe they are politically motivated for that specific purpose……..or am i just being paranoid?.

  • John East Belfast

    darth rumsfeld

    Actually Michael is on record as having voted against the Agreement.

    Anyhow we dont know who was ‘controlling’ these matters.

    It could have been one of any of the following

    1. Police incompetence
    2. Pro Agreement authorities with a particular agenda
    3. Anti Agreement Officers trying to get what they saw as “revenge”

    The issue is we dont know but we should be given explanations and none of the above is what we voted for in the Agreement.

    It was a gross interference with the democratic process and because it has proven to be without any foundation then a full enquiry should occur. Otherwise we may as well be living in somewhere like Zimbabwe where Mugabe will routinely us the forces of law and order to tarnish an opponents name.

    My understanding is that Police Ombudsman is producing nothing of substance here either.

    Regarding our campaign I cannot underestimate the impact the affair had on our East Belfast Campaign let alone the entire Party’s