Dambusters Mark II

The classic British war film, Dam Busters, is to be re-made next year by Lord of the Rings and King Kong Director Peter Jackson. He promises it will be:

“as authentic as possible and as close to the spirit of the original as possible”

Will the authenticity extend to the name of the black labrador? Will they keep the theme music? All together now, arms outstretched, Duh Duh……

  • Cool! Jackson is a fantastic director (and I include Brain Dead in that!)

    And that theme tune has to be one of the best ever.

  • kensei

    What has Jackson got against new films?

  • Turbopaul

    FD, the dog will be called “Osama” or “George W” depending on your perspective.

    Mel Gibson to play Guy Gibson, what do you think???????

  • FFS. Jackson is good at what he does but I agree with Kensei, what is the obsession with remaking films there was jack-all wrong with in the first place?
    If you don’t “get” films like the Dambusters or King Kong in their original incarnations then you are too simple to be allowed out in public unaccompanied.
    The Dambusters is completely of its time and will not benefit one iota from being remade IMHO – unless it inspires a new generation of schoolkids to run around the playground flapping their arms, singing THAT tune.
    I await the roles of Guy Gibson et al to be filled by all-American action heroes with rubbish accents.
    (And the other half has suggested that the role of a certain unpolitically-correctly monikered canine be filled by Mr Snoop Doggy Dogg ;P)

  • smcgiff

    Get your orders in for Lancasters now! It looks like Airfix are in trouble and have gone into administration.


    Another icon of my youth goes up in flames!

  • Oh, and does anyone reckon there will be a big turnout in German cinemas?

  • fair_deal

    “The French wouldn’t release any of the tools to us and now it has just brought us down with them.”

    Cheese-eating airfix closing surrender monkeys!

  • Jackson has only made one other remake of a movie aside from this, although to be honest, KK was my least favourite of his movies.

    I’d like him to do another comedy horror, but I fear he’s left the days of Brain Dead and Bad Taste behind him… *sigh*

    Best line from a PJ movie: “I kick arse for the Lord.” (Spoken by a karate expert priest just before wading into a bunch of zombies in a New Zealand cemetery.)

  • Granted Gonzo, was just having a rant about remakes generally and Jackson came into my line of vision.
    I’m a big fan of letting sleeping dogs lie, unless the original was total and utter bunkum, which they rarely are. When technology is even better in 20 or 30 years time, will we see a remake of the remake of the remake?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Very postmodern of you to say so, CaveCanem. Films have a habit of regurgitating themselves, so I guess it’s entirely possible.

    I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t been done already!

  • Garibaldy

    Just when I thought I couldn’t despise Peter Jackson any more he plumbs new depths

  • kloot

    Should be a good un. Safe in jacksons hands.

    As a tounge in cheek comment though, after all the out cry over the one-sidedness of The Wind that Shakes the Barley, should jackson also have to show us some nice Germans just doing their jobs, surviving the war.. 🙂

  • Belfast Gonzo

    IIRC, Bad Taste actually had a tongue going through a cheek…

  • Dec

    fyi…Jackson is slated as Producer.

  • sevenmagpies

    There is talk that this new version will contain details that were still classified when the original was film made, but unless this involves the dams being destroyed in order to wipe out hitler’s secret zombie legions of doom, I can’t say I’m that interested.

    Doom Busters. That’s what the world wants…

  • Paul

    The Dambusters, weren’t they a group of HOT, multi-racial, American, devil-may-care, pilots (with a rebellious streak) who showed those stuck-in-the-mud limeys how it should be done, and thus won WW2 virtually on their own? And got the girls? Should make a great film.

  • Fraggle

    Jackson should get brother Samual L for a lead roll. Maybe a few snakes too……..

  • Donnacha

    Apparently, in Jackson’s movie, it will reflect the multi-national make up of the crews…Yanks, Kiwis and Biggles-types. Mind you, judging by the duration of Return of the King and King Kong, Dambusters should run longer than the actual bombing operation did. Numb bums ahoy.

  • fair_deal

    “it will reflect the multi-national make up of the crews.”

    I wonder who will get the role of the guy from Belfast (Jim Nesbitt?)


  • Dambusters should run longer than the actual bombing operation did. Numb bums ahoy.

    Did you know that the Titanic movie was actually longer than it took for the real ship to sink?

  • SBK

    I’d bet a whole £1 on the dog being called “Nigger” simply because you’d get 1,000,000 to 1 odds. Imagine the look on the bookies face if Jackson actually kept the dogs real name!

  • Donnacha

    Re the dog’s name, Jackson has already been hit up over this:


  • Clayton Townley

    PC gone mad… I can’t see the problem with calling the dog Nigger.

  • Donnacha

    Don’t think it will ruffle any feathers down these parts, where it has only been a couple of years since a piant company removed the shade “nigger brown” from its colour charts. America could be tough, mind.