Where context rather than content is king…

Front Row on BBC Radio 4 had an interesting discussion on media convergence last night. Convergence is that process by which several media technology platforms are coming together. Mark Lawson talks to Marissa Mayer Google Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, who insists that Google is made up of computer scientists, not storytellers. Andrew Neil re-iterates this later in the programme when he says content is king. But he’s trumped the guy from Discovery insists that actually, context is going to trump content. Importantly Mayer notes advertising revenues are moving rapidly away from television and radio, and onto the net!

  • Michael Robinson

    “Content is King” is one of those cliches bandied around (usually by media people) however the reality is that people value self-generated person-to-person content (email, text, voice calls) more than professionally generated content and

    This piece [url=http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue6_2/odlyzko/]Content is not king[/url] is several years old but explores the idea that connectivity is more important than content.

  • Mick Fealty

    Excellent Michael. Consider it bookmarked!!