The pain is academic according to Mary Lou

I posted a story about Mary Lou McDonald MEP in July, and at the time I voiced my reservations about her depth of knowledge, insight and understanding of Northern Ireland. The Sunday Independent carries a report on an interview she did with the Examiner last Tuesday, afraid I couldn’t find it. She is quoted on the issue of Jean McConville as having said: Suffice to say, from my point of view, what happened happened. Jean McConville can’t be brought back. The IRA tell us, and have made a statement that, by their reckoning, Jean McConville was involved with the British security services in whatever capacity. But you know what? All of it at this stage is almost academic, and I know for the family, they don’t accept the IRA’s version and I fully understand thatAcademic heh? Well, I guess the McConville family will be relieved to know that, it should bring some closure to their pain and enduring loss. I will say it again, I think Ms McDonald can display a breath taking lack of compassion and comprehension about Northern Ireland. The only hope for the healing of the past is to acknowledge hurt and wrong doing. Sinn Fein and other groups working to establish the truth of collusion would not settle for being told that their cases were academic, and we should refuse to accept it as an excuse in the case of Mrs McConville. There can be no room to pick and choose which cases deserve full investigations, and which ones can be closed off as academic. This is not an impressive performance.