Mowlam to be implicated in Ombudsman’s report?

The Police Ombudsman’s report on the investigation of the murder of Raymond McCord has yet to be made public, but while he continues to receive death threats from the UVF – threats the UUP’s Reg Empey has called on the UVF leadership to lift – Raymond McCord Snr and his solicitor have told the Observer’s Henry McDonald that they believe the report will state that the then-Secretary of State, Mo Mowlam, intervened to secure the release of a key suspect.. at the request of the UVF and their political wing, the PUP. If true it has echoes in the handling of the arrest and release of Sean Kelly by current Secretary of State, Peter Hain, as well as the ongoing relationships between the good UDA, the NIO and the Irish Government.From The Observer report

McCord and his solicitor, Paul Farrell, claim the Ombudsman will back up accounts they heard from disgruntled CID officers that at the beginning of 1998 Mowlam intervened directly in the case, ordering the release from prison of a key suspect initially arrested over the McCord murder.

At the time the UVF and its political wing, the Progressive Unionist Party, were engaged in all-party peace talks leading up to the Good Friday agreement and the UVF wanted the arrested man involved, so asked Mowlam to secure his release. According to McCord and Farrell, one of the Mowlam’s senior officials telephoned Gough police barracks in Armagh and ordered CID officers to free the murder suspect. Sources close to O’Loan’s investigation confirmed that Mowlam intervened to secure the loyalist suspect’s freedom.

The Observer report notes that

O’Loan has declined to comment, but her office confirmed that an interim report on the McCord murder investigation has been sent to Sir Alastair Frazer, the DPP for Northern Ireland.

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  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    No it doesn’t have echoes in the arrest and release of Seán Kelly because the suspect in the Raymond McCord murder was suspected of murder while Seán Kelly was only arrested because of DUP whinging and there was no legal pretext even for his re-arrest, a fact which was proved by his subsequent release once legal action was impending which would have scuttled the sleight of hand.

    Yet Pete and a handful of fellow travellers like to indulge in their revisionist view of history. As if there are those who don’t remember….

  • Pete Baker

    Yet Pete and a handful of fellow travellers like to indulge in their revisionist view of history

    Thankfully, Oilbhar, Slugger’s extensive archive means I don’t need to rely on your memory.. nor revise history.

    In addition to the previous posts noted above.. “either the original re-arrest was politically motivated, or the release is, or both.”

  • Garibaldy

    Several Secretarties of States did things like this – most notably releasing Gerry Adams to be flown for talks in England. The fact this is an issue is in some senses indicative of how far we’ve come. Not to say of course that the hunt for these murderers should ever have been impeded.

  • Pete Baker


    “The fact this is an issue is in some senses indicative of how far we’ve come.”

    You seem to have missed the ongoing relationships link.

  • Garibaldy


    The point I was making was that people accepted the governments talking to these types of people, and making sacrifices to restrict violence, much more readily in the past, even the recent past. The growing resistance to and anger at the types of links you highlight does indicate a decreasing tolerance for the sensitivities of paramilitaries, which is what I meant by how far we’ve come.

  • Jacko

    Good to see you highlighted this topic. I must say, the emerging pattern of legalities being routinely set aside to facilitate political expediency comes as no surprise.
    Well done to Henry McDonald as well for reporting it. It makes a change from most of the rest of the NI mainstream media, particularly their usual God-awful Sunday fare. The Sunday World and Sunday Life are too busy with terorist-as-media-personality and following their NIO-inspired agenda of loyalist good guys versus bad guys to bother with such stuff.
    Prime examples today were following religiously the paramilitary line that the guy hacked to death in Bangor thuis week deserved all he got, lunatic self-promoter Stone’s story about his arms being sold to Chinese art lovers and a Polish woman wanting to marry him.

  • gareth mccord

    if the world and life didnt report each week what happens during the week past then who would report it?
    do you think that the weekly exploits of murderers and drug dealers shouldnt be exposed ?
    i dont see or hear of any of the life or worlds editors being brought to court by false stories!
    fact is jacko these people have ruined and continue to ruin people lives in this wee country, so anyone whoever they are can bring it to attention and expose them is doing a good thing!
    but back to this topic of mowlam, it is only the a very small part of the report which i and others will find it very hard to believe as to the dirty tricks cover ups and the people involved. but oloan has left no stone unturned and has done her job 100% i predict a few holidays will be booked next month by politicians ex and current police and alot of uvf members.

  • Jacko

    gareth mccord
    I suggest you read my post again to try and work out EXACTLY what I am saying and you might then realise I need no lectures from you or anyone else on paramilitaries and their place in our society.
    Now you might, for obvious reasons, think the Sunday Life and Sunday World are doing a great job. But for the rest of us: repeating word for word as gospel every week what “good guy” paramilitaries tell them – as they did this week on the “reasons” for hacking a guy to death in the street – and giving weekly space to the ramblings of lunatics like Michael Stone is not good journalism. Some would argue it is not journalism at all.
    Or, then again, maybe you agree with the “good paramilitaries” versus “bad paras” scenario, if you do, despite your own experiences, then you’ve got an awful lot to learn.

  • gareth mccord

    i take your point on the likes of stone being a waste of space both in the paper and out. But in “good paras verses bad paras” they are all the same in my view SCUM! if you say good guy paras or whoever feed the world and life the gospel then if it turns out untrue why is there not libel cases? maybe im niave on that? but jacko name a paper were there is not rubbish stories and none of interest to alot of people who buy them? also i have alot to learn but i think you need to learn that in every country world wide in history and present cime lords (paras) are media personalities due to there business interests political links and all round dealings which effect you me and all in every day life. the world and life set an example to the papers who were to afraid, didnt believe,or just dont care these people who 97% voted g.f.a. to let out of prison and continue to get away with murder!

  • Nevin

    Gareth, the decisions taken by the British and Irish governments will be based on self-interest, not on your or my point of view; they’ll hope to contain the worst effects of paramilitarism to Northern Ireland; the victims are mere sacrificial pawns in the bigger game.

  • gareth mccord

    i agree which is why i dont hold my breath for justice within the laws of this land. unfortunately justice can only be achieved by breaking the so called law

  • Igloo

    Play the ball – editied moderator