Dave from Nottingham” with his arts co-ordinator PC-whatever title should take his skills elsewhere…try your hand feeding the poor in eritrea or something mate…you’re a walking joke….

Perhaps I’ve missed the point. Would someone explain to me their vision of honest, free and open discussion in Northern Ireland?

stupidly (on the bemusement of a community arts worker)

stupidly –
i let them have it their way
did not bind them up
cut out their tongues

i did not make sure
they could not
move an inch

(we don’t want freedom here
– we’re not stupid)

stupidly – i considered
their work valuable

i asked them for their poem
but did not interject when they
found their own words

(they gave me bags of small change
when i should have asked
for even amounts in pounds)

stupidly i let them
use their own language – make a joke
enjoy the process
talk about the lies that we
as adults make – oh how stupid!

stupidly – i did not give or
order the words for them
put them in a stanza for myself
that slips like treacle
off the tongue…

and how stupid could i be?

i did not chalk upon the board
which words were suitable
which words would sell

o children
how can we make this acceptable
not raise the shackles of perfectionists
make sure we say the right thing
raise the correct political point?

stupidly – i did not block them
cujole them
bully them
order them about
tell them they were crap
keep them silent

stupidly – i should have written
the poem for myself

but it wouldn’t have had
the same flavour