poem 4 from the U3A Group

fourth in a series of acrostic poems from the U3A group for the creative reconciliation project in the mournes. The one following is from a group of young people based on the word community.

Elevate – enrol – encircle ­- envelope – eclipse – every – even – elaborate
Convict – conviction – conflict – conferOther – oar – origin – our
One – negative – nonsense
Civil colour
Loyal loving losers
Ignorance – illness
Attention – attempt
This is my list of thoughts
Others? Everyone
Nothing to lose

party time

come on join the flock of us – today and tomorrow
off to the block we go on fun day – hoorayly hurray
merrily we roll along – roll along – yes we do it today
merrily we jog along – jog along hurriedly get the pay
until the day we die – we’ll party all our lives
next day we die – we’ll tell the whole lie again
indeed it was a fun day when everyone went to play
til the day we die – we’ll tell another lie – lie and lie
you’ll better have a very good day or you’ll pay

(small group)

  • na

    The more this goes on.

    The less value I see in welling-meaning middle-class culture vultures.

    Filling our children’s heads with guff and printing the outpouring of gibberish.

    As if it’s other than overseas ego feeding off us.


    (whatever happened to the guitarist for peace – at least he raised a smile)

  • none of your business

    Couldn’t agree more..glad someone had the balls to point out that the emperor is bollocks naked on this one….

    “Dave from Nottingham” with his arts co-ordinator PC-whatever title should take his skills elsewhere…try your hand feeding the poor in eritrea or something mate…you’re a walking joke….

    apols if this is considered “playing the man rather than the ball” but seriously..validating this kind of rubbish demeans all of us

  • nutjack

    please stick to bloody Scrabble

  • I am impressed by how articulate these young kids are. I love the ‘Party time’ piece and shows that the kids (who are what, 11 or under?) have thought about quite deep issues and managed to get them into poetic form without overstatment or sentimentality, but rather a deep sense of realism that incorporates playfulness.
    (Oh, and I’m a poet and a teacher–do any of the other posters here write, read or deal with children in a creative or educational context?!)
    Cheers kids and (dave) keep the good words rolling!

  • …..sorry,I meant to type:

    ‘Cheers kids (and Dave)’ !!

    I re-read this page today and really enjoyed your work!
    Well done.


  • Belfast Gonzo

    There was a young lady called Chill,
    And poetry gave her a a thrill,
    So when Dave faced the flak,
    She patted his back,
    In an unusual act of goodwill.

    (…for Slugger, not for her I’m sure, but it doesn’t scan so well.)