poem 4 from the U3A Group

fourth in a series of acrostic poems from the U3A group for the creative reconciliation project in the mournes. The one following is from a group of young people based on the word community.

Elevate – enrol – encircle ­- envelope – eclipse – every – even – elaborate
Convict – conviction – conflict – conferOther – oar – origin – our
One – negative – nonsense
Civil colour
Loyal loving losers
Ignorance – illness
Attention – attempt
This is my list of thoughts
Others? Everyone
Nothing to lose

party time

come on join the flock of us – today and tomorrow
off to the block we go on fun day – hoorayly hurray
merrily we roll along – roll along – yes we do it today
merrily we jog along – jog along hurriedly get the pay
until the day we die – we’ll party all our lives
next day we die – we’ll tell the whole lie again
indeed it was a fun day when everyone went to play
til the day we die – we’ll tell another lie – lie and lie
you’ll better have a very good day or you’ll pay

(small group)