What have they been up to…

Mark Devenport has been keeping an eye on the Assembly’s Preparation for Government Committee, and is joined by Edwin Poots and John O’Dowd tomorrow on Inside Politics for a brusque discussion on whether they are making any headway? Starts at 12.45.

  • Pete Baker

    Frankly, Mick, I think we might get a better idea of whether any progress has been made when Hansard finally catches up.. which might not be until November..

    But as I mentioned this time last week

    The time-lag in appearance, and the somewhat haphazard nature, of the Hansard record of Hain’s the Preparation For Government Committee may have something to do with the apparent desire of some parties to spin announce what they want it to be seen to have happened as quickly as they can.

    I’d expect a similar attempt at that kind of presentation tomorrow.

  • Peking

    Yeah, tomorrows programme should be subtitled Church meets Lurch.