Northern Ireland ‘nice place to live’ shock!

That’s the upshot of the Newsletter’s take on the news that Northern Ireland has the UK’s fastest growing population, it’s expected to increase by 12% over the next generation. It now accounts for 2.7% of the UK population. The demographic profile shows a strong youthful bias, which as the Newsletter points out ‘should be positive for a cohesive economy’.It also notes:

…the Office for National Statistics confirms that the numbers of migrant workers are greater than the young
people leaving the Province and this statistic contains many hidden factors which could determine how future life is structured in this part of Britain. Like other regions of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is fast becoming an ethnically diverse society, with the Protestant and Roman Catholic populations having to share their space with people of other races and cultures.

As any one who has spent time in the Parnell Street area of Dublin can confirm this trend is common across the whole of Britain and Ireland. Indeed the Irish Mortgage Corporation reported a few days ago that up to one fifth of house purchases in the Republic are now being made by non nationals, the majority being Asian in origin.