Interesting twist in Dorrian story

Lisa Dorrian’s family have spoken out quite dramatically, and have announced that they know who killed her. They have revealed that the alleged individual has no paramilitary connection, and her death had no paramilitary links at all. Indeed, they state that rumours of such a connection has done a disservice to the investigation, and scared people from coming forward with evidence. The alleged killer is in Maghaberry on unrelated charges. The family have now been told that her body was hidden, then moved 6 months later.

  • John Maynard

    No doubt we can expect a full restraciton and apology from Jude Collins, who has long led the Shinner media charge on this after every mention of the McCartney murder.
    Mr Collins also likes to append “where’s the evidence?” to his every reference to the Northern Bank robbery.
    Well, Jude – where was your evidence for all those pronouncements on Lisa Dorrian’s murder?

  • Jo

    On a totally unrelated subject, there are certain drugs which, when administered, can keep someone conscious much longer to endure physical pain, torture and for example, round-the-clock questioning on subjects such as where they would have hidden an innocent girl’s body.

    I wonder what these drugs would be?

  • Peking

    I understand what the Dorrian family must be going through – well as much as anyone who hasn’t suffered this can.
    I just hope they have been well advised legally on the possible dangers of messing up any future prosecution. It would be terrible if some scumbag got off on a legal technicality to do with prejudical comment in the media.

  • Jo

    The Lisa website carries an explicit warning to posters not to name nsmes in the sympathy section.

    That’s all they reasonably can do. However, I and thousands of others have seen a name painted on walls.

  • dodrade

    “The Lisa website carries an explicit warning to posters not to name nsmes in the sympathy section.

    That’s all they reasonably can do. However, I and thousands of others have seen a name painted on walls.”

    We must beware of insinuation, look at that woman who people improbably believed was Maxine Carr.

    By the way, North Antrim, Coleraine and Omagh, is there any place in Northern Ireland where Maxine Carr hasn’t been “seen”?

  • bertie

    I hope that something positive for the family comes of this. I wish that there was something more that I could do than just wish them well.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Read this in today’s News Letter (the best of a bad bunch of local daily papers).
    For the sake of the family I hope her body is found and the callous bastard(s) who killed her caught and locked up for the rest of their sick lives. It might help bring a bit of closure for a family who have suffered unimaginable pain with an astounding degree of grace and dignity.

  • Miss Fitz

    Any nonsense, name calling or allegations will result in the comments on this thread being closed forthwith.

  • gareth mccord

    miss fitz
    wise up facts are facts and very importment to the truth and reasons behind serious issues.
    if you disagree thats your right but dont try and ignore the facts and truths

  • gareth mccord

    miss fitz
    there has been name calling allegations and nonsense on nearly all threads whats different here? does the truth shock you,scare you,or do you want to protect a lying two faced hypocritical waster who can see and say no wrong in the u.v.f. recent murders and death threats attempted murders drug dealing etc etc. but of course as david denial ervine say the uvf sanction none of the above

  • Miss Fitz

    The difference here is that this is a thread about Miss Dorrian, and we are going to keep it that way

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he

    See Gareth, no need for nastiness!

    I hope that this all turns out well for these poor people who haven’t milked the murder of their daughter by any extent. Ahem… They have a right to know where she is so they can finally put her to rest in peace. If nothing else, whoever did this should give them that, but as Northern Irish history goes, it is unlikely & unfortunate that this will ever happen.

    My deepest wishes to all of the Dorrian family.

  • jane bannon

    I do hope that a certain former BBC journalist infamous for his slavish reporting as gospel of the PUP leadership’s position on this murder as gospel will be revisiting his Spotlight on it in the light of this.
    Ervine’s anti-‘LVF’ (whoever the hell they are) opportunism and ‘some UVF men have said to me…do YOU have a daughter?’ hypocritical drivel on this was sickening at the time and even more so in the light of this.

  • jane bannon

    “”The police have now ruled that out. It had nothing to do with paramilitaries. Anyone who said there was did us a great disservice.”

    Given that this hack has presented himself as a defender of the peace process and all that is good and true therein, we look forward to him righting the wrong of allowing the UVF to use this appalling murder as a platform from which to pontificate about their inherent nobility as a smokescreen for settling internecine loyalist scores. But I don’t think we’ll hold our breath.

  • gareth mccord

    jane bannon
    “the fool” how can you milk getting justice?

  • truth seeker

    I doubt that particular ‘journalist’ has the ability to use the internet so sadly those posts will be lost on him. That programme was shameful. The dorrians shoudl name and shame ervine and that reporter.