PSNI dulling down ‘sectarian’ crime?

Brian Feeney highlights a particularly nasty form of attack, that has been a growing modus operandii for a number of sectarian attacks. The perpetrator sets light to the oil drum of a central heating system outside the house, which can create havoc inside the house and leave the attackers unharmed. He goes on to bemoan the increasing unwillingness of the PSNI to define any one given attack as sectarian.

  • aquifer

    Time for some stakeouts. Maybe if the offenders got their willies out we would have some police action:

    Mr Henning said five people had been arrested in the past year for offences in the area, and prosecutions were pending.

    He said that the problem of lewd behaviour in the Shaw’s Bridge and Giant’s Ring area of south Belfast area had dated back to 1993, but about a year ago it had got worse.

    The police officer added that 14 covert police operations had taken place in the area, and 25 undercover operations. He confirmed the offences took place during the day and at night.

    But he added: “It is not the case that we have put massive resource into this to detriment of burglary, criminal damage and violent crime.”