Open Thread…

Another chance for you to bring up what you will… and for me to say well done to Stena Line for installing proper wi fi on it’s ferry to Stranraer… It’s been great steam blogging down the Belfast Lough and across the North Channel…

  • gg

    Is the Stena wifi free or do you have to pay? The price of public access internet is far too high in my opinion. I was in the British Library recently and the price there is extortionate.

  • na
  • Rory

    “It’s been great steam blogging down the Belfast Lough and across the North Channel”

    That conjures up images of some guy blogging on board the Titanic:

    “Some difficulty with ice and fog at the moment but the captain has it all under control. Everything really lovely but if that bloody Canadian woman doesn’t stop her caterwauling I swear I’ll take off in a lifeboat” .

  • “The price of public access internet is far too high in my opinion. I was in the British Library recently and the price there is extortionate. “

    There’s a little place in Belfast that’s only 2.50 quid an hour.

    Mick, please do let us know though if it’s free or an additional extra on top of the price of your ticket. Us nerds just love to know these things, even if we rarely use the ferry in question 😉

  • Garibaldy


    next time you’re at the British Library, instead of forking out you could go to the local library that’s opposite the train station and use the net there.

  • circles

    I pay 40p an hour at my local internet café

  • Canadian

    Free Wi Fi

    Scroll down to Ireland. I’m not sure if it includes NI. It’s actually all of Europe for you jet set type’s.

  • gg


    thanks for the tip!

  • Jimmy Porter

    Open thread.. Time for me to address questions that keep me awake at night…

    Who’d win in a fight between..

    Paul Clarke and Mark Carutthers

    Fearghal McKinny and Noel Thompson

    Frank Mitchell and Angie Phillips

  • Garibaldy

    When you say keep you awake at night Jimmy, surely you don’t mean

  • Crataegus

    This is one that may be of interest to some and worth supporting. Its Libivox

    LibriVox provides free audio books from the public domain and their volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net (via podcast and catalog). Their goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. They are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project.

    PS sorry about the untidy link when I close the gap between the (“)and the URL I get invalid link and in haste left as is.

  • Rory

    Hey, Jimmy, what about head-to-head, toe-to toe standups between: –

    George W Bush vs. Saddam Hussein?

    Sir Cliff Richard vs. Sir Bob Geldorf?

    Posh Spice vs. Ian Paisley Jr.?

    Willie Frazer vs. Joe Frazier?

    Muhammed Ali vs. another guy from my corner shop called Muhammed Ali?

  • smirkyspice

    glenn patterson is cool

  • did you know…
    Police were tonight treating as suspicious the death of a man who plunged from the window of a flat thought to belong to a German aristocrat.

    Detectives were tonight questioning a 41-year-old man in connection with the 60ft fall from a window in the exclusive Draycott Place, just off London’s Sloane Square.

    The dead man, who was in his late 30s, is reported to have been visiting the home of Count Gottfried Von Bismarck.

    The man fell into an area to the back of the building, a six-floor Victorian terrace, two doors down from the Spanish Embassy.

    Scotland Yard tonight refused to confirm the identity of the owner of the flat.

    But records show a Gottfried Von Bismarck as the occupant of the flat.

    One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard, early – around five o’clock in the morning – a crash, waited for a while then I heard some voices, first of a man saying ‘hello, hello’ then a woman saying ‘hello, hello’.”

    She added: “I heard a crash like a car crash, and I heard the voices then finally heard them saying ‘on the count of three – three, two, one.’ Like the drill for lifting a person I think.

    “And then I realised it was a person.

    “I could see the people up in the back, I’m on the ground but I could see that there were these people and they were trying to get the attention of the lower ground floor, maybe they couldn’t get through.”

    A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said police had been called by the ambulance service at 5.39am to a man who had fallen about 60ft from a flat in Draycott Place.

    “He was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital but pronounced dead on arrival,” she said.

    The man had not been formally identified as next of kin were still being contacted, she said.

    “It is being treated as suspicious at the moment,” she said, adding that a 41-year-old man was in custody.

    The count was caught in controversy in 1986 when Olivia Channon, daughter of the Conservative minister Paul Channon, died from an overdose in his bed at Christ Church in Oxford.

    Scotland Yard would not comment on a report in London’s Evening Standard newspaper that the count was in the flat at the time but had not been detained by police.

    Neighbour Cherry Glazebrook said: “If it’s him I’m amazed.”

    Another, who described the count as “a gentleman”, said: “I feel sorry for my neighbour because he is a good man, if someone has fallen from his flat and died he would never get over it.”

    Another neighbour who would not be named said she thought she had heard a party going on but had not heard the commotion in the early hours.

    Scotland Yard confirmed that there had been five people in the flat at the time of the incident, including the man who fell.


  • IJP

    What did you all decide about Sarah Travers in the end anyway?

    (Angie and Frank would be dull scoreless draw, like Frank’s team last night…)

  • Garibaldy

    Frank used to play GAA, and thus is doubtless a nasty little so and so when necessary. Philips would be mincemeat.

    The real question is who would win the battle of the Nesbitt household.

  • What about this for a fuck up.
    The offical Celtic FC website posted dates for all of Celtic’s champion league fixtures this evening.
    Thousands of supporters (many from Ireland) relying on this info went off and booked flights to and hotels in Copenhagen, Manchester and Lisbon – the locations of Celtic’s three away games.
    Turns out the fixture dates published on the Celtic website were bogus.
    Therefor thousands of trips are going to have to be cancelled or the flights and hotels will have to be rearranged at an extra cost.
    In my own case I booked for a group of three to travel to Copenhagen via Stansted at a cost of £489. I cannot rearrange the flights because no other seats are available for 5/6/7 December.
    The total cost of cancelling the trip with Easyjet is £180.
    If Celtic FC had any loyalty to its fans it would refund the difference.
    A mate who fell into the same trap is looking at a similar bill after booking flights to Lisbon.
    Does anyone else on Slugger know of similar cases

  • Garibaldy


    Total incompetence, and utter bastards.

  • Mick Fealty

    It was better than some places: you can buy a card for £4, and the service is excellent. I was bowled over happy with it, since I’d resigned myself to having little opportunity to do much with the day yesterday… the crossing flew in like it never did before… it’s best in the quiet lounge…

  • moochin photoman

    Join the library and you dont have to pay for internet access at all, tho there might be a queue and a little time but generally its a great free service.

  • GrassyNoel

    I notice nobody in Slugger bothered to open a thread discussing the fact that no Ulster team made it into the last 4 of the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Championship this year!

    I’d say a lot of ‘Nordies’ didn’t know what to think when they saw the mighty Armagh made chumps of by a rampant Kerry team determined to silence all the critics of the last 2-3 years who said they couldn’t handle the tough, hardy northern teams ‘cos they were just a bunch of fancy Dans, soft southern poofs and all that. Well they were well and truly answered 3 weeks ago. And in a few weeks time we’ll be bringing Sam home for the 34TH time.

    Go on the Kingdom.

  • Garibaldy


    If a bunch of muck savages are going to win the All-Ireland and crow about it, I’d much rather it was free staters at the other end of the country cause then I don’t have to see their gormless lager-lout style fans running around south Belfast. So go on the Kingdom indeed

  • cladycowboy


    You beat Armagh but you’ve yet to beat the Red Hands, and even if you beat us next year it could never compare with the absolute roasting that you took from us in the first 20 mins of 2003 Semis 😉

    C’mon Maigh Eo!

  • Butterknife

    Daewoo in Antrim are laying of alot of jobs.

  • Cunningplanhouse

    Seeing as this is such a random thread, I’ll add the fact I spotted that annoying Julian from UTV who announces Coronation Street as I was driving down the upper Newtownards Road this morning (around where Bloomfield school is).

    Its very odd seeing someone like that in the flesh, you have dual instincts fighting – one telling you to shout abuse and the other screaming “Wow, its Julian”!! I settled for nearly crashing the car by craning my neck to see what he was up to!

  • Cunningplanhouse, are you sure it wasn’t just a nightmare?

  • Cunningplanhouse

    lol, could have been!

  • Mick Fealty

    GN, very fair point!! Though to be fair, Donegal went out on lack of experience (ie, kill em off in the first half, when you have the chance) more than any outclassing by Cork. But Armagh were well and truly tumbled!

  • Benn

    Does anyone have contact info (mail, email) for Bernadette Devlin McAlisky, or know even what outfit she works for/with? It’s an open thread, so I’m looking for assistance. I sent an email to the IRSP asking, but no reply from the slackers, they didn’t even hit me up for dues. Cheers, Benn (not that other Ben, and not Tony Benn either)

  • moochin photoman

    Just back from the “Sunday Sourcher” night at the John Hewitt…..Stencils, Reggae & Carirbean Cuisine…………great night, Kev Largys’ stencil prints are ace, The Explosion Sound System did themselves proud and as for the food, i was late down but there wasn’t any left but from what i can gather it was yum yum.
    Good and varied mix of people across the board….good good night which on tonights evidence will be repeated.
    see ya there!

  • Dualta

    Motorists are being warned that a large hole has mysteriously appeared in the Westlink by-pass on the M1 side of the Grosvenor Road roundabout.

    A PSNI spokesperson has said that officers are currently looking into it……..

  • Occasional Commentator

    Mick and everyone,
    Some people have had trouble adding links in posts. One thing that doesn’t help is the text under the comment box which doesn’t explain it very accurately – it talks about [ and ].

    Put this text in the comment box for example:

    To search for stuff, click <a href=””>Google</a>

    it will then display:

    To search for stuff, click Google

    If you’re lazy, you can just put the link in as is and it will be automatically linkified for you, like so:

    Mick, to display an actual < or > or screen, you need to put &lt; or &gt; in your HTML.

  • Butterknife

    As soon as i wrote my comment on another thread i found this.
    Its been announced by Daewoo Electronics UK that 205 jobs are to be lost. Is this not a bad sign as we are already heavily reliant on the public sector. Also as this company straddles estates that have low income families will this not bred the growth of anti social activity.

  • Just noticed a pic in the Flickr selection in the corner which looks suspiciously like Mushroom Rock in Death Valley, the one Morrissey is writhing all over in the video of “November Spawned a Monster”.
    Can anybody confirm that a) I am right b) wft is said pic got to do with Northern Ireland politics and culture? 😛

  • Miss Fitz

    Open thread, and I want to share this.

    Remember the flower beds in Craigavon where the blooms came up green, white and orange?

    I have it on good authority that this was the result of some random seed packets that were left over last year, and they just whacked them into that bed, to see what would come up.

    Evil cunning plan by the seeds, no doubt.

  • Anna Dale

    Couple of weird photographs popped up on top right hand corner. First a young lady with an Orange (alright then a Holland international football shirt) holding what i think was the sam maguire.

    Second an intriguing wall, I’d guess up in the North-west (I could tell from the slant of the wall obviously), with painted “Stop Israeli bulldozers” (are they being lent out to our property developers here now?) in two different colours of paint (bummer that, when your pot runs out..heh! heh!) and curiouser still, “solid” written beside a telly.

    Why? What does it all mean?
    Whoever posts them up can we have some context please?
    Or are you going to let our imaginations run wild?

  • smirkyspice

    my web browser home page has been highjacked by sluggerotoole, i can’t switch it to anything else, wahh i’m afraid! 🙁

  • Crataegus

    Just putting up the correct link to Librivox Worth supporting.