Slugger O’Toole Best Views

Okay, this is related to an earlier thread, but I wanted to make sure the link to this new site was available to anyone that wanted it. I was foolishly waiting for the month to end to upload photos onto Flickr, and had a flash of inspiration this evening. (I have never pretended to be bright). I have just opened a new account on Flickr, and added the photos that have been sent to me. I’ve promised to take a few shots for people, but I’d like to invite anyone that wants to post their favourite shot of anywhere in the world. If you’d like to add a wee note, please do. I’ve added some shots anonymously for people, so you can do that too. The Jacob’s Creek people dont seem too interested, but I may award a prize myself if we vote on the best view. BTW, if you venture on to the Jacobs Creek site….. I tried to put country in as United Kingdom, but it doesnt seem to exist! Lets be very careful who we share that with…… 😉