poems from membership of U3A group in the Mournes

My apologies for not posting recently. I was working in Dorset alongside a great friend Liz on a community arts morning with children on a playscheme. The travelling was the worst bit; seventeen hours on the coach altogether (one day there, one day back) with the fare taking a good swipe out of the payment. It was great to do though and I managed to catch up with friends going through what is a highly turbulent time. There are other friends I didn’t manage to say hello to. If I can, I’ll try and get over to you. Ben, Anne and Ellie, hope it goes well today – am thinking of you.

Posting from Friday, June 23, www.creativereconciliationinthemournes.blogspot.com. (Sean is a previous interviewee)

Sean wasn’t up to more chat when I saw him again, so boarding the bus, I chatted to the driver. It’s not an every ten minutes service, so I knew I had to grab the moment when I could. He took time to explain to me that the service had taken more duties than expected (my words). Locals would be happily obliged if they needed to pop into Grants for a moment or if they needed something delivered. He’d also picked up and dropped off a prescription for somebody. What was noticeable was when I asked what he thought of the reconciliation movement. The chatter dropped…but not for long.

I was due to work with a primary school but because of a school leaving Mass over-running, we had to cancel. So at 12.15 I met and worked with, as arraqnged by Mairead, a U3A group. Using a simple acrostic process (and passing the papers round, like a game of consequences), the participants created poems about reconciliation. Some did not want their names attached to the works. I censored nothing; stating that if they could be both literal or abstract with their statements. The resutls are shared pieces, with one idea bouncing from the next. This is the first of about twenty I will be posting up.

Regrets regard relation run
Elementary escape economy elect
Collect country
Order open
Never judge your neighbours
Common contrite courage
Indecision independence intimacy
Love lies licence
Injury inform information
Aardvarks sniffing out truth
Time waits for no one – do it now
Indecisive – no ideas
Ordinary people – new ideas