End in sight to Helicopter blight?

The Irish Independent reported earlier this week that the British army is to cease all helicopter flights in and out of its Crossmaglen base in the coming weeks. The paper’s source also claimed all British soldiers would be withdrawn from the village by March 2007, ending their 35 year presence in the strongly republican village.

  • rf

    provided that republican terrorists have ceased their actions then i think it will be a positive step no doubt many unionists in the area will be disappointed but it must be remembered that republicans murdered many protestants in the area, ethnic cleansing perhaps

  • Henry94

    Slán Abhaile

  • Elvis Parker

    Fantastic. With electronic survelliance and informers having effectively incapacitated the IRA years ago helicopters are completely unecessary.

  • memorystick

    So how exactly do they now propose to police the area?

  • Yokel

    They don’t……..

  • Garibaldy

    With the police, as is already happening

  • lib2016

    Shouldn’t the locals organise a dignified ceremony to recognise victory for the Independent Republic of Crossmaglen?

    It was there when the Brits were still running around in woad and it’ll be there on the Last Day. Some things never change – Nevair! Nevair! Nevair!

  • dantheman

    If anyone in the British Army need any help in packing, I have a few spare suitcases around the house and would happily give up a few weekends/evenings to help them.

  • Proud

    Hopefully a sign that things are returning to normal in some of the worst-affected areas of NI, the sooner normal on-the-ground policing can replace military policing in Cross the better.

  • Carlos

    Only 10 more army bases left.

    Not long to go now…

  • Cahal

    Will any of the newly formed nationalist councils have british army bases within them?

  • CombineHarvesterOfSorrow

    Having attended school next to the busiest helicopter base outside of South Armagh, all I can say is Thank God.

  • seabhac siulach


    “Will any of the newly formed nationalist councils have british army bases within them?”

    You mean I take it the new super-councils…

    I could be wrong but, from what I remember, all the remaining Brit bases will be east of the Bann…leaving the West of the 6 counties ‘bereft’ as Paisley so memorably put it. So, a quick answer would be ‘no’

  • aquifer

    Packed in a container and sent off to Afghanistan no doubt. Any chance the Afghans gonna get double glazing on account of the noise?