Low-wage Ulster?

In the past year HM Revenue and Customs have identified £3.3m in underpayment by employers failing to pay the National Minimum Wage. However, 10% of that total was owed by 215 employers in Northern Ireland. Is it a case of better enforcement or do we have a more serious problem?

  • Greenflag

    NI as 1% (approx) of the UK economy accounts for 10% of wage underpayments ?

    With 70% of the NI economy relying on public sector spending and 30% of people employed by the public sector how could there be a problem.

    Better enforcement will require even higher public sector spending . As the former comunist countries of eastern europe approached their final demise the call went up from the old guard to increase ‘enforcement’ to protect the economy.

    The naked emperor never recovered his clothes however . The NI economy is no different . I’ve no idea who these 215 employers are but presumably they have no difficulty in getting people to work for below minimum wage ? Dole supplemental or immigrant exploitation most likely.

  • boshank

  • Fanny

    Haven’t you noticed that when it comes to unattractive traits, bad habits and skulduggery of any description, NI is right up there with the leaders.

    Or do I mean down there?