Plans to honour inventor

Bill Forsythe, organiser of a Ferguson tractor rally last week-end, has announced plans for a memorial to the world famous inventor, Harry Ferguson. Ferguson’s approach was intensive research and development with a view to creating a full range of marketable products that aimed and succeeded in maximising the potential global market.

  • and…
    One of the best songs about that tractor was by this man. We listen to GOOD MUSIC here in Greba 😉

  • willis

    I do wonder how many people know what he actually invented, or even care.

    Fortunately, his design didn’t sink on its maiden voyage.

  • Yokel

    What a pioneer..the only thing people here invent any more is excuses for their own failure.

  • Greenflag

    Great idea and long overdue 🙂 . Harry Ferguson one of Irelands great unsung contributor’s to the well being of millions around the world .

  • Nevin

    Sir James Baker ejection seats for Stormont?

  • Nevin

    Will Paisley go through the roof?

  • abucs

    i guess these are the guys we should all be celebrating.

    Putting food on peoples tables is a lot more beneficial than a lot of other things people celebrate.

    Good post Fair Deal.

  • Rory

    Harry Ferguson already has millions of monuments to his industry and genius – the tractors that bear his name, but I agree, another dedicated monument in his native land would be appropriate, though I suspect the man himself would have been more content that he be commemorated with a scholarship fund in mechanical engineering than with an anachronistic statue.

  • Harry Flashman

    I seem to remember a poem from my school days called (I think) “Gwyndillan’s New Tractor”, by, I think, Dylan Thomas (yes I did try Google for all of three minutes but couldn’t find it). Anyway the essence of the poem is that Gwyndillan has a new tractor now (I think it was written in the 30’s) and he is very efficient but somehow he has lost touch with the land and the beauty of nature all around him. Even then I thought it was bollox, like as if he was a coal miner we’d regret him using mechanical drills rather than hammering away with his pick and shovel.

    So I agree that the tractor was a marvellous invention. My beef is with greenie types today who get angry when people in the third world try to enjoy the benefits of industrialisation that we all take for granted. They seem to want to condemn people in developing nations to remain in pastoral ignorance and bliss so that we can come out on aeroplanes and take photographs of them in their indigenous povertry to show off to our friends at dinner parties.

    This week marked a fantastic milestone in the history of humankind; it has been estimated that for the first time in our existence there are more people in the world who are overweight than those who are malnourished.

    Well done Harry Ferguson you were truly a giant in the development of the human race, thanks to farsighted men like you more mothers today worry about whether they should put their kids on diets or at least ease up on the carbohydrates than worry about whether their child will have starved to death by the time the morning comes.

    I truly hope that your efforts will see the less favoured minority of our fellow humans soon catch up with the rest of us, if we can stamp out the nonsense spewed out by the Green movement and their Marxist allies we stand a chance.

  • abucs

    It must have been me Harry that tipped the scales.

    I’ve been putting on a few too many pounds lately.

    ….. and i thought nobody had noticed. :o)