Family targeted

The pattern of sectarian attacks in the Whitewell area of North Belfast continued with a Catholic mother and child targeted in an arson attack. The attack has been condemned by Sinn Fein and the DUP.

  • abucs

    I feel for the family.
    What exactly is the point in these attacks ?

    Good to see the local MP stick it up the perpetrators.

  • POL

    So much for the new uda leadership in north belfast. Its amazing that only a few weeks back we had a load of these thugs congregated in front of television crews and police stating that they were ousting a criminal element. Goes to show that they are all off the same ilk, thugs and cowards who attack women and children whilst they sleep.

  • doug

    The uda/uff/uprg/uym (so many names) have been targeting the Old Throne area since the first residents moved in a mumbere of years ago.

    Clearly residents of White City are not happy about catholic families living in the area and are doing what they did in the nearby Torrens area over the last number of years.

    Torrens was a mixed estate until the Drumcree protests began, over 90 catholic families lived in the area. A systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing followed and today no catholic families remain in the area.

    The uda are clearly trying to force catholic families out of the Old Throne estate, and if they are as successful as they were in the Torrens area, i worry for the safety of the residents.

    The uda have very strong support within the White City area, so they are quite confident when trying to burn 6 week old babies to death in their cots.

  • Nevin

    [i]Finally would be those people who live as minority communities within some of the mixed areas of North Belfast and who might feel especially vulnerable at such times of tension. These might include the Catholic residents of Graymount and the Protestant residents of Whitewell.[/i] Neil Jarman 1999

  • POL

    I feel for the family.
    What exactly is the point in these attacks ?

    Surely abucs you dont need this explained!but to answer your question its simply about sectarianism and the more base instincts of ethnic cleansing.

  • lib2016

    “’s simply about sectarianism and the more base instincts of ethnic cleansing.”

    …and it’s wrong whoever does it!

    One aspect I haven’t seen discussed on Slugger is the attraction some people have for burning out their neighbours in the name of ‘vigilanteeism’ as practised in our neighbouring countries i.e. both in the South and ‘across the water’.

    It seems to come from the same instinct which makes criminals attack other prisoners in the ‘nick’. Some people just need to establish a ‘pecking order’ to reassure themselves.

  • These thugs have been getting away with far too much fo far too long – and they think they are above the law.

    Are they?

  • ciaran damery

    Sectarianism is a Neanderthal perspective. The view that the settlers of Orange Planters in an occuipied, gerrymandered statelet, hold toward perceived Irish cathoics is anologuous to Hitler’s view of jews. The vast majority of nakedly sectarian murders thoughout the most recent phase of armed struggle were carried out by Unionist Butchers, who according to Grave Yard Butcher Orange Stone (and Ervine), were stirred up by Paisley’s zealous and fundemantilstic apprach. But what amazes me is that an ould man who has enticed thouands of Unionists into sectarian or Orange neo-nazi Klans/gangs, who is without doubt the most obnoxious and popular leader of unionism in occupied Ireland. What baffles me is how in the namne of Jackshit do unionists vote for Box Car Willie, Paisley, Sammy Wilson and other Orange loons. c’mon John, don’t just respnd with some crass whataboutery lines…rather, address the question I pose???

  • Dave

    Hey ciaran damery!

    I hope I never have to live in YOUR version of a United Ireland? What a rant.

    I’m over the moon by the tone of your diatribe, at least I know who you stand when it comes to parity of esteem and tolerance for the other culture eh?

    I’m also sure that in real life you are a nice person and that your rant is done mainly to the people you hang around with.

    No need to reply to my rant as I do believe that we have nothing in common and would be a waste of time and effort.

  • pete brown

    Dave, you showed great skill in managing to actuallyavoid mentioning the specific topic of the thread in your >100 words of comment.

    I’m sure that this was a complete accident on your part and that the suffering of the poor family in Old Throne was right at the forefront of your mind-wasn’t it Rodney?(sorry I mean Dave)

  • abucs

    Hi POL,

    “its simply about sectarianism and the more base instincts of ethnic cleansing. ”

    But apart from making the perpetrators less of a human being, does it actually get them anywhere ?

    Surely putting their ‘efforts’ in another direction would be substantially more beneficial, and they’d get to keep some self respect.

    What is wrong with such people ?

    I’d like to know where the point is that they ‘lose it’ ?

    Are they easily led ? By who ?
    Are they scared ? Of What ?
    Exploited ? How ?
    Domineering ? Ignorant apes ? Why ?
    Protecting their turf ? For what ?
    Taking revenge ? For what ?
    Being political ? Criminal ? What ?

    Where is the christianity in trying to burn a mother and child alive in their home ? How does it address their concerns, or are they just bad people ?

    At a time when divisions should be lessening, these incidents are quite worrying ?

  • POL

    To abucs

    Are they easily led ? By who ? Yes they probably are easily led abucs ,usually by a loyalist gangster the media would call a brigadier,however a hatred of catholics is the motivation as witnessed when they murdered the Quinn children by the same means just a few years ago.

    Are they scared ? Of What ?
    What you usually find is that these attacks usually occur in catholic or mixed areas that lie close to loyalist areas. Unionist politicians have also used it as a means to bolster electrol strength by painting these areas as republican hot-beds intended to dilute the unionist electrol majority in a particular area.

    Exploited ? How ?

    At an early age maybe by the rantings of a rabble rousing unionist politician.However loyalism within its own community is beginning to be seen as a by-word for criminality(drug dealing,extortion and prostitution)although they like to be viewed as protectors of their community against a now non-existent republican enemy .This is done as a means to continue what was always their true intent to line their own pocketsto enable this to continue they play the old seige mentality ticket

    Domineering ? Ignorant apes ? Why ?

    Its all about protestant supremacy over their catholic neighbours(CROPPIES LIE DOWN)thats why its so important for the orange institution to walk through catholic areas. Its like a kkk mentality.

    Protecting their turf ? For what ?

    If protestant turf needs protecting, it would be the loyalists it needs protecting from.They have destroyed working class protestant areas with their criminality.

    Taking revenge ? For what ?

    Yes exactly what! What has a young mother and child done to deserve this? simplest answer, being catholic and being an easy target.

    Being political ? Criminal ? What ?

    Has to be criminal, as far as i know loyalists did nothing to prove their political credentials, they were quite content to be labelled criminal. Did they ever have street or prison protests to highlight any political credentials,not that i know of.In fact their political status in the prisons was ironically won for them by Republicans.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    If it were reveresed and they were a protestant family in a Catholic part of town…do you think the british and Irish gov’t would be content with SF representative just coming out and saying it was wrong…or would paisly and the DUP state it is another reason why the god fearing dup and unionist can’t be in gov’t with sinn fein.
    I also find it interesting that so few people have replied to this thread. Shows how successful paisly et al actually is….the burning out of a Catholic family gets very little attention or care…

  • roryyank

    i thought torrens was now a catholic area? didnt all the protestants flee there a while back?