Charges brought in airline plot, others still being questioned

Charges have been brought against 11 of the 23 people arrested back on Thursday 10th in connection with a suspected plot to detonate explosives in aeroplanes heading to US destinations from UK airports. “Eight have been charged with conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism. Two are accused of failing to disclose information and a 17-year-old faces a charge of possessing articles useful to a person preparing acts of terrorism.” Full charges listed here. One woman has been released without charge and 11 remain in custody Two other people are also being questioned by police in Wales after their arrests under the Terrorism Act at Holyhead on Friday 11th
According to the Guardian report

At a joint press conference, the head of the Metropolitan police’s anti-terrorist branch, revealed that investigations had uncovered bomb making equipment, the chemical hydrogen peroxide and a number of “martyrdom” videos.

In addition to these materials, there were more than 400 computers, 200 mobile telephones and 8,000 computer media items such as memory sticks, CDs and DVDs

Deputy assistant commissioner Peter Clarke said police also had “highly significant” surveillance that would be used in evidence against the suspects

Meanwhile, a man and woman continue to be questioned in Wales, also on suspected involvement in terrorism although police there have stated that the arrests were not directly linked to the alleged foiled bomb plot to blow up planes.

From the RTÉ report

North Wales Police said the 47-year old man and 44-year old woman were originally from Algeria but would not confirm whether they were British or Irish citizens.

A spokesperson said the arrests were not directly linked to the alleged foiled bomb plot to blow up planes.

The spokesperson said no threat was posed to passengers and staff at the port as a result of the arrests.

It is understood one of the individuals travelled from Ireland on a ferry and the other arrived at the port independently.

Earlier, speculative reports suggested that the two may have been living in West Dublin

They had been arrested at Holyhead on Friday 11th August but the arrests only became known when police applied for a court order to continue to hold them in custody… and the Algerian link reminds me to note the one previous conviction of an Ireland-based Islamist on similar charges.

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  • Rory

    A security spokesman was quoted on Radio 4’s main evening news as saying that “chemical liqiuds and thousands of gigabytes of computer information” had been retrieved in the operation leading up to these charges. Damning information indeed. I had better hand meself in after all that terrorist shennanigans I got up to this morning – having a bath and reading the New York Times on-line.

    The difference between these innocents and the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four and Judith Ward is that the aforementioned were fitted up by the police, the judiciary and all other colluding agencies of government for causing the most terrible murder and mayhem while all involved – police, prosecution, judges and ministers knew absolutely that they were totally innocent. hey simply needed to lock up any Irish or Irish seeming in order to appear to be on top of things. This time we do not even have an atrocity and the conspiracy of a potential crime is so transparently ridiculous that the fact that the public swallow it must give heart to every dark dirty gaoler and failed torturer in the land – for them while public representatives of people’s rights yawn and the people themselves sleep, the future must look delightfully grim indeed. And boy do these guys like grim.

  • Reader

    Rory: The difference between these innocents and the Birmingham Six and the…
    So do you predict a massive campaign to have them released? And if so, will the campaign start before or after the trial?

  • alterkocker

    So they found some hair bleach? What was the ‘bombmaking equipment’, then..? A box of Swan Vestas? The computer stuff is not worth commenting on.

  • Pete Baker

    Yes Rory, we wouldn’t want to pre-judge the verdict at all.. or pre-judge the evidence [which may actually be more than a false positive test for explosive residue].. would we now?

    [on tin-foil hat]

    Clearly, according to your reasoning, Gerry Kelly also wasn’t part of the conspiracy that tried to bomb the Old Bailey either…

  • alterkocker

    Oh,and nick the ‘Irish’ two – they’re always good for a dicey arrest. Pity the blue boys hadn’t been allowed in in the first place though with ‘shoot to kill’ badges. Mick O’leary would have supported it. There would have been no need for messy and embarrassing trials that can prove costly in so many ways.

  • mnob

    Not quite sure how to post links but anyone interested in all this should check this out :

  • lib2016

    Given the total panic and the immediate imposition of lynch law which rumors of an attack have caused in Britain it becomes easier to understand, NOT sympathise with but at least understand, our unionist friends and their behaviour.

    Britain faces the prospect of revenge being taken for a relatively short actual occupation of Iraq which admittedly has been repeated over nearly one hundred years. In Ireland we are nearing payback time for many centuries of repression, if one had a guilty conscience and saw things that way, and there’s little doubt that many unionists see things exactly that way.

    If one doesn’t respect either democracy or republicanism then one naturally doesn’t understand that the philosophy behind them means that organised reprisals against the unionist people would not only be wrong but also unwise in a political sense. Just as it would be madness for large numbers of Moslems to attack the very society they are attempting to enter. The alleged plot is obvious rubbish tough it may be based on some kind of loose talk.

    As in Britain so in Northern Ireland it would seem that conscience doth make cowards of them all leading the Establishment to destroy the very institutions they claim to be defending.