21st century development

The University of Ulster has announced the plan to study the impacts of second and holiday homes. In Portballintrae, permanent residents believe they know what the impacts are, priced out of the housing market and pollution from over-development. Meanwhile the UUP’s Sammy Gardiner has called on planners to seek inspiration from Bessbrook as a model for rural development.

  • Tochais Siorai

    Holiday homes are a blight and should be taxed out of existence. I live in a rural village which has been destroyed by these things and am moving out simply because of them. Surrounded by holiday homes is the worst of both worlds – no neighbours and no fields, just empty badly maintained houses.

    And the owners when they turn up occasionally the odd weekend spend feckall money locally either. The damage has been done to many communities in Ireland already – stop it now. Rant over.