Worst riots in a decade in Newry

It seems that when I was wandering around Ireland last week, the fine upstanding youth of Newry had important matters to manage for themselves. Apparently there was rioting last Sunday with PSNI patrols coming under attack as they tired to deal with explosive devices left on the railway lines. It seems that this was all sparked off by the admission from the Real IRA that they were the cowardly souls who blew up our shops the week before.

And in a further mark of wanton disrepect and illustration of the intelligence at play here, they painted IRA slogans in the predominantly protestant Shandon Park. Words fail me in trying to describe my utter disgust at these actions. Apprehension and arrest is certainly one metod of dealing with these morons, but surely none of that will help if we cannot create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding? I’ve often said that the best qualification for dealing with issues in Northern Ireland would be a Primary School teaching certificate. There are times when youths and adults behave with the maturity of 5 year olds. Indeed, one of the first lessons children have to learn is to share. Will we ever learn that lesson and share this space in harmony?