On the need for a modicum of decorum…

We’ve had some over enthusiastic man/woman tackling from several of our regular contributors. Knowing ‘how way leads unto way’, the content htereafter deteriorated and the threads concerned have now cut. I don’t believe in censoring serious political opinion from whichever quarter it comes, but if people cannot refrain from ad hominem (or false) argument, they will find themselves banned from making further contributions.

  • AodhRuadh

    “but if people cannot refrain from ad hominem (or false) argument”

    I hope that applies to your contributors as well.

  • skinbop

    Mick – I have no idea what you are talking about – can you lay down the Times crossword for a second and explain in plain English for the rest of us?

  • Mick Fealty


    Most assurdedly, yes!


    Have added some links. Hope they help.

    Night all.