Time for some cool websites…

TIME magazine has listed its 50 coolest wesbites of 2006. So what’s missing, apart from Slugger, obviously? What are the coolest Northern Irish sites?

  • gg

    I like Wesley Johnston’s Northern Ireland Roads Site. Very informative. I have learned alot about our transport system from it, and his updates on the Westlink upgrade are very useful, I imagine, if you have to travel on it every day. Luckily I don’t!

  • troll
  • Great NI blogs think alike!

  • Slugger wins hands down. The myriad of propaganda politicos on the N.Ireland web can at best be described as torturously nauseating. Here’s a new additional one with a measure of promise. Ireland – The Voice Of The Nation, http://irelandsfew.blogspot.com. It’s not the grand name or the issue of not being officially live, according to it that won’t happen until September. The promise or expectation lies in headline contributor Parnell. He became one of N.Ireland’s blogspheres disappeared earlier this year. Maybe it’s just me being a guarded type but the irony of the occurrence happened around the same time as the stoops lost its vicechair. One to watch.