‘Fair’ Comment on the match

I’ve been away for a few days, as no-one seems to have noticed. Part of my trip included the All-Ireland quarter final between Laois and Mayo. With his newfound passion for GAA, I honestly thought Fair Deal would have covered the match. Perhaps he was at Casement instead of Croker. I couldnt possibly give a pundit perspective, but from a girly point of view it was a great match. Clean, open football, with good refereering. At one point, I remember thinking, its hard to blog on Slugger, but dear God who would want to be a referee. They are apparently deaf, blind, fatherless, and without any sense of religion, direction or loyalty.

As you might guess, I will be missing on Sunday for a certain replay and if (God Forbid) Laois progress furhter, I will be unashamed in my effort for a ticket!!