Arson, Crime and Convictions

A senior fire officer has revealed that over 60% of fires are the result of arson, a crime that the PSNI has low clear-up rates for. Also Damian O’Loan, the victim of a sectarian attack in June, believes it is unlikely that the cuplrits will be caught and highlights a lack of thorough and prompt follow-up as a key flaw in the police approach:

“Did they go to the scene of the crime instantly when they knew the attack had happened and it was a severe attack and look for evidence – no. I think their resources are quite limited, but they should take these attacks more seriously.”

Could investment and greater emphasis on evidence-gathering produce better results than more police on the streets?

  • unionist

    This actually raises some interesting points about the future of policing. Local politicians and community reps are demanding more bobbies on the beat to prevent crime yet this draws resources away from the technicians within the police service who gather evidence and investigators who prepare the case against suspects.
    While we remain heavily over resourced in terms of policing it is not yet an acute issue. However by 2009 resourcing of policing in NI will be reduced by as much as one third by central government with the opportunity to make up the difference through a policing precept (yep another tax).
    Then there will be a real debate over the role of crime prevention policing as opposed to crime detection and prosecution.

  • John Maynard


  • Intelligence Insider

    Mmmmmm, rising crime levels and lower detection rates in the last 4 years. One wouldn’t have to be an expert in Route Cause Analysis to see what doing away with recruiting on the merit principle has done!

  • me

    yes your right.catholics are worse police officers

  • me

    I mean thats the only logical explanation for rising crime levels and lower detection rates.bring back the 95% protestant and therefore mmore effective ruc

  • Intelligence Insider

    No, just bring back giving the jobs to the best qualified and most suitable person!

  • me

    As im sure you are aware there was a very valid reason why the meritous approach was relaxed by the british government.Something to do with the fact that NIs police force was completely discredited n the eyes of nearly half of the population.I mean the govt didn,t just get rid of it on a whim.
    relax as soon as the catholic numbers are approaching a realistic level the 50/50 measure will be phased out.and even before that happens as the psni gains credibility in nationalist areas the calibre of catholic applicants will be improved.
    is it fair on the invidual higher qualified protestant it still worth doing for the sake of nis society.hell yes

  • headmelter

    “No, just bring back giving the jobs to the best qualified and most suitable person”

    Is there any evidence to suggest this is not being done?

  • nmc

    No, just bring back giving the jobs to the best qualified and most suitable person

    Are you saying that in the olden days, when the force was almost entirely Protestant that there were no qualified or suitable catholics? Catch a grip. The only reason that it was almost entirely protestant was because it was a sectarian organisation for good old boys.

  • aquifer

    “The only reason”?

    Nothing to do with the vulnerability of the 10% of Catholic policemen from assassins in their own community.

    The level of detections for sectarian arson attacks is so low that some homes and halls should be set up to entrap these cowards. Surveillance equipment is very cheap these days. A few serious sentences are needed to deter offenders.