A culture of indiscipline

Justice Morris will today publish three reports into Garda corruption. His recommendations will call for a radical overhaul of Garda disciplinary code and procedures. The Irish Department of Justice, who received the reports some months ago, have prepared a new code and procedures based on these recommendations.

  • dantheman

    Fair Deal,

    Have you anything better to do with your time than trawl the net looking for things to bash the republic with??

    Whenevr you find a story which states that 15% of the Gardai were colluding with the IRA then let us know. Get you own f**king house in order with regards your own mega corrupt police service first.

  • slug

    “Get you own f**king house in order with regards your own mega corrupt police service first. ”

    LOL. Touched a nerve?

  • Keith M

    Some of the things that went on (especially though not exclusivly in Donegal) were absolutly shameful. I just hope that McDowell is around long enough to make sure this changed are implemented.

    dantheman “Get you own f**king house in order with regards your own mega corrupt police service first.” Every heard of Patten? In some repects (police ombudsman etc.) this country is years behind N.I. when it comes to policing.

  • nmc

    I notice over at newzhound a couple of interesting articles regarding the PSNI.

    One saying how a Derry family was tortured by a suspected informer and that they were told by a serving PSNI sergeant “they were “expendable”, and PSNI members refused to examine video evidence relating to attacks on the family home, with death threats made against the family being ignored.”

    The very next link tells how police refused to arrest three men who set fire to oil tanks behind a catholic home on the Whitewell road. The article tells how the police were told that there were three suspects changing their clothes in a local school, “When police arrived they were told there were guys changing their clothes in the neighbouring school,” Mandy McCall said.

    “They were clearly visible from the window of a neighbouring house but the police refused to do anything.”

    Another article tells how people in Rasharkin feel about their treatment at the hands of the PSNI, “Residents have claimed that PSNI members assaulted a number of teenagers and that a PSNI man called a small child a “Fenian bastard”. Residents said several incidents had been caught on video.”

    Interesting, with regards to the order of “our house”. However that is not to say that the Garda are any better, they appear to be operating in an old fashioned way where the local policeman is a law onto himself.

  • smcgiff

    For good or bad the Gardai keep a very low profile. That’s best in my view (or rear-view if driving on the dual carriage-way).

    ‘In some repects (police ombudsman etc.) this country is years behind N.I. when it comes to policing.’

    ‘I wouldn’t swap the policing situation from the Republic to that of NI’s in a million years.’

  • andy

    Keep up the good work. Although opposed to your political outlook I enjoy your blogs.
    Surely a hard-core republican would have been as likely to cover this story as an unionist? More so, in fact.

    I read that 10 years ago the Guards were the most respected entity in the Republic of Ireland, outside of the Church. I would imagine the Church has slipped somewhat due to its repeated habit of covering up paedophilia, can anyone tell me what the public opinion on the Guards is like nowadays?

  • fair_deal


    thank you

  • Ciaran Irvine

    I just hope that McDowell is around long enough to make sure this changed are implemented

    How much more time do you think he needs, Keith? Why are people being so complacent and indulgent on this issue? How many Garda scandals do we need, how many years do these inquiries have to run, before that lazy, incompetent blowhard in Justice (and Attorney General for years before that) gets the finger out and does his damn job?

    The Gardaí need a massive root-and-branch overhaul. Nothing less will suffice. McDowell has consistently refused to take this matter seriously, proposing only cosmetic tinker-round-the-edges “reforms”. Only a couple of months ago, McDowell was forced by Justice Hardiman to finally apologise to Frank Shortt. McDowell is still fighting Frank’s claim for compensation from the State.

    As our Unionist cousins say – deeds, not words. And McDowell’s actions over the last few years and up to the present give me absolutely no confidence in his willingness or ability to carry out his duties effectively.

    I really can’t believe the Pavlovian response of the anti-Republican crowd to McDowell. All he has to do is indulge in a bit of empty Shinner-bashing every few months, and youse love him for it, and completely overlook the fact that the man has been a total disaster in the job. Mad.

  • Concerned Politician

    Another example of Gardai corruption

    While the Irish gangster ex pats sit around the pool in Torrevieja, enjoying the fruits of their drug exporting, the innocent people of Limerick, Clare, Cork, Munster have to endure the risk of being shot during the latest bloodletting between criminal gangs.

    The shootings in and around Limerick recently eminate from Spain,Alicante via Torrevieja.


    Perhaps Gardai will come to regret letting Mr Big from Clare escape the net and return to Spain/Rabat,Morroco, regardless of how much info he traded with Gardai.

    While Gardai collate the info given by some gang members and utilise this inside info, the backlash when drug busts are made is felt by the innocent people of Limerick.

    We have a situation wherby the convicted murderer of Brian Fitzgerald has given statements on those who ordered the Fitzgerald hit.

    Because these people are high profile they have been allowed to slip the net.

    So, anyone out there with info about criminality in Limerick would be wise to think carefully before embarking on a life as an informant.

    Gardai have had eight months to bring charges against those responsible for ordering the Fitzgerald hit, what does that tell us about the integrity of Gardai and what message does that send out to potential future witnesses???

    The duplicitious actions of Gardai makes one wonder who are the real bad guys, the criminal drug gangs or the Gardai????

    Before the Gangs can be defeated Gardai need to root out the corrupt officers who are actively involved with the criminals.

    Follow the money and free holidays in Spain for Gardai and their families.

    Undercover officers investigating Irish ex-pats living in Spain, my arse, these Gardai are enjoying hospitality of organised criminals using the cover of undercover work.

    The odd arrest keeps the Gardai bosses quiet.

    Perhaps Jimmy Woulfe should pack his bags and jet to Spain to expose the Gardai corruption, if he is really sincere about fighting organised crime and the Limerick gangs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brace youself for gun battles coming soon to a street near you.

    When there are millions of Euro’s at stake the temptation is there for Garda to be compromised.

    Add to that Paramilitary connections, Loyalists and Republican criminals working closely together, (unlike their political counterparts), and it is a recipe for disaster.

    In the fullness of time people will learn about Gardai making deals with Devil’s and don’t be surprised to hear of the deep corruption within law enforcement, politics in general.

    That is not to excuse the dealings of the gangs, but how can criminality be defeated if those who are tasked to investigate crime are cherry picking who is targeted.

    Talk about:
    “The foxes guarding the hen house”

    Donegal is only the tip of a very large iceberg!!

  • concerned politician

    I wonder if there is a common denominator between all of these drug busts and the recent events:

    (1) Lawrence McCarthy gets 11 years, may be glad because this could prevent him facing possible charges in Limerick.

    (2) Mr Big from Clare flee’s, then returns, only to slip the net again and possibly return to Spain/Morocco.

    (3)Are those arrested, from Liverpool, Manchester, etc extended McCarthy/Dundon members?????

    (4) The suspect in the £53 million Kent cash robbery Lea Murray was arrested in Rabat, Morocco, £3 million cash, guns, and drugs were recovered from his rented villa.

    (5) The Columbian cartel members who met in Scotland December 2005 to interview new drug distributors as their previous gang had been convicted.

    Are these drug bust part of the new recruitment of drug gangs, who hail from London, Glasgow, Limerick, Clare Dublin etc lobbying the Columbians for a piece of the drug cake, and if so, how much has already got through????

    It has been said that for every kilo of class A drugs recovered by authorities, Ten get through, if that is true in these cases then, God help us, the streets will be awash with class A drugs, resulting in cheaper prices and more users.

    If the Man from Clare is a “son of a bitch” the Gardai may say, “Yes, but he is our son of a bitch”

    Lets just say for example:

    There was a plan by Gardai, Brit police, Spanish Police etc to launch a co-ordinated drug bust that involved arresting 150 Irish and English ex-pats in Spain, 250 criminals in Limerick, Clare, Cork, Dublin, Munster, etc, 300 mainland Britain, and would yeald tons of class A and B drugs, recover millions, and rip the heart out of organised crime.

    The outcome would be organised crime in Ireland, Spain, Britain would be taken over by Eastern europeans, using migrants as soldiers, who are regarded as extremely more violent than their Irish and English counterparts.

    So, the big plan to

    “Round them up and collar the lot”

    is watered down to a few token arrests, and drug recoveries that grab the media headlines, so as to demonstrate law enforcement is doing their job.

    This would mean that certain privilaged Mr Big’s were allowed to flee to exile.

    They would continue their trade as authorities have come to the conclusion:

    “Better the Devil you know”

    Certain dedicated law enforcement people may feel short changed and unhappy that this massive operation was not put into play.